AEW Dynamite Rating and Viewership (US)

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AEW Dynamite is the weekly Wednesday Night television show produced by All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The company was founded in 2019 by President Tony Khan, flanked by the Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs) Kenny Omega, Nick & Matt Jackson (The Young Bucks) and Cody Rhodes. Along with other stars like Chris Jericho and Adam Page, it instantly became one of the top wrestling promotions in the United States.

The AEW Dynamite Ratings opened on their highest viewership yet. On October 2nd, 2019, the first ever episode of AEW Dynamite aired, going head-to-head with WWE’s own Wednesday night show, NXT. Despite NXT debuting on TV the week prior, AEW shot into the ratings lead, pulling in an incredible 1.4 millions fans.

The should would get over a million viewers a handful of times, but eventually settled into ratings between 650,000 and 900,000 viewers per week. The AEW Dynamite ratings were dipping, but were still higher than anybody had expected. Rumours were that TNT, the network in which AEW Dynamite was broadcast, was expecting viewership of around 400,000 for the wrestling show.

Viewership would fall as the global pandemic affected the AEW Dynamite ratings. With fans no longer allowed to attend and COVID-19 restrictions almost suffocation, AEW Dynamite ratings bounced between 600,000 and 800,000 for months, although they grew close to a million at the years end.

The AEW Dynamite ratings grew further, especially with some huge signings for AEW. CM Punk made his long awaited return to wrestling after seven years out when he made his AEW debut in August 2021, with AEW Dynamite ratings reacting accordingly.

Other big stars followed, including the likes of Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole and Keith Lee, all former champions in WWE. AEW Dynamite ratings have continued to grow, so much so that getting under a million viewers per week is seen as a failure.


The ‘Wednesday Night War’ between AEW and NXT began when AEW announced their Wednesday night show AEW Dynamite. This went opposite Triple H’s NXT show, which moved slots and expanded to a 2 hour show to compete with AEW.

NXT even broadcast their first show a week before AEW Dynamite debuted, trying to entice fans to watch their show before AEW even had anything broadcast.

However, it was not much of a Wednesday Night War. NXT only bested AEW Dynamite for two weeks in total, and in April 2021 WWE made the decision to move NXT permanently to Tuesday Nights.

AEW Dynamite won the ratings war without breaking a sweat, and Vince McMahon was reportedly so angry with the loss that he took over NXT, leading to the creation of the new NXT 2.0.

AEW Dynamite Ratings

AEW Dynamite 16 March 2022 TV Ratings & Viewership

Viewers – 993,000

Rating – 0.38

AEW Dynamite Ratings 2022

16th March993000480000.38
9th March945000-210000.40
2nd March966000-45000.35
23rd February10100001410000.4
16th February869000-2600000.31
9th February11290001750000.41
2nd February954000-1460000.35
26th January1100000680000.41
19th January1032000630000.44
12th January969000-410000.39
5th January1010000350000.43

AEW Dynamite Ratings 2021

29th December975000-450000.37
22nd December1020000540000.37
15th December948000760000.31
8th December872000110000.33
1st December861000-370000.31
24th November898000-860000.31
17th November984000720000.37
10th November912000340000.34
3rd November878000-630000.33
27th October 941,0003660000.4
23rd October575000-1520000.22
16th October727000-3260000.28
6th October1053000-990000.37
29th September1152000-1210000.45
22nd September1273000980000.48
15th September1175000-1440000.44
8th September13190002720000.53
1st September1047000-1250000.37
25th August11720001970000.48
18th August975000-40000.35
11th August979000-1230000.35
4th August1102000-60000.46
28th July1108000-400000.45
21st July11480001230000.44
14th July10250001540000.4
7th July871000-120000.33
30th June8830002340000.35
26th June649000970000.21
18th June552000650000.2
11th June487000250000.19
4th June462000-640000.19
28th May526000-2950000.2
20th May821000-1150000.28
13th May936000-1540000.31
5th May10900002010000.42
28th April889000-2150000.33
21th April1104000-1150000.37
14th April12190005310000.44
7th April688000-120000.28
31th March700000-570000.26
24th March757000-110000.3
17th March768000250000.28
10th March743000-2000000.32
3th March9340001030000.33
24th February831000840000.35
17th February74700060000.31
10th February741000 -1030000.29
3rd February8440001100000.32
27th January734000-1200000.29
20th January854000920000.36
13th January7620001000000.3
6th January662000-3150000.25
1st January9670002840000.36

AEW Dynamite Ratings 2020

30th December977000-2020000.4
23rd December775000-310000.32
16th December806000-1890000.32
9th December995000820000.45
2nd December9130002010000.42
25th November712000-1380000.26
18th November850000860000.37 
11th November764000470000.3
4th November717000-640000.3
28th October781000280000.32
21st October753000-730000.3
14th October826000730000.3
7th October753000-1130000.31
30th September866000310000.33
23rd September835000-510000.32
16h September886000-1300000.34
9th September1016000880000.37
2nd September9280001150000.36
27th August813000580000.29
22nd August755000-370000.31
12th August792000-1090000.32
5th August9010001280000.36
29th July773000-720000.3
22nd July845000570000.32
15th July788000730000.29
8th July715000-330000.28
1th July7480001150000.29
24th June633000-1390000.22
17th June772000950000.28
10th June677000-530000.23 
3th June730000-970000.29
27th May8270001260000.32
20th May701000470000.26
13th May654000-780000.23
6th May732000390000.28
29th April693000-380000.27
22th April731000480000.25
15th April683000-90000.25
8th April69200070000.26
1th April685000-1340000.25
25th March819000-1130000.34
18th Match9320001660000.35
11th March766000-1400000.26
4th March906000410000.35
26th February865000-280000.3
19th February893000760000.31
12th February817000-1110000.3
5th February9280001000000.36
29th January828000-430000.34
22th January871000-690000.35
15th January940000-70000.38
8th January947000-200000.36
1th January9670002840000.36
aew dynamite ratings 2020

AEW Dynamite Ratings 2019

18th December683000-950000.25
11th December778000-730000.28
4th December8510001880000.32
27th November663000-2300000.26
20th November
13th November9570001350000.43 
6th November822000330000.35
30th October789000-1740000.33
23th October963000-510000.45
16th October1014000-40000.44
9th October1018000-3910000.46
2nd October1409000 First Week0.68
aew dynamite ratings

The AEW ratings will be updated weekly once the viewership totals and demographic totals have been released.

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