Tony Khan

William Regal Left AEW After Contact Tampering By WWE While Tony Khan’s Mother Was In The Hospital

Hamish Woodward

William Regal left AEW at the end of December, 2022, after less than a year in the company. He left ...

Tony Khan Tried To Sign CM Punk To AEW In 2019

Hamish Woodward

When AEW began, rumors were rife about which big stars would sign for the promotion – including CM Punk. After ...

Tony Khan Shoots On Triple H: “We Won’t Be The Secondary Promotion At All In”

Hamish Woodward

Tony Khan has responded to comments by Triple H, refusing to let his promotion play second fiddle to the WWE. ...

Tony Khan Paid For Mark Davis Surgery, Despite Not Being Signed To AEW

Hamish Woodward

Tony Khan announced that Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher are All Elite, as Aussie Open signed with AEW after this ...

Tony Khan – “‘I’m Not Ready To Say Exactly When Sting Is Going To Hang It Up”

Hamish Woodward

Sting’s retirement is creeping up on him and he is expected to retire from wrestling later this. Despite this, Tony ...

AEW’s Streaming Service Is Coming – “Great Time To Launch” Says Tony Khan

Hamish Woodward

The WWE Network was a game changer for wrestling, and AEW may not be too far behind with a network ...

Hulk Hogan Banned From AEW By Tony Khan For Racist Comments

Hamish Woodward

Tony Khan revealed that WWE Legend Hulk Hogan was banned from all AEW televised or live events, during a fiery ...

Ring of Honor TV Show

New Ring Of Honor TV Show Coming in 2023 Says Tony Khan

Hamish Woodward

Tony Khan has revealed that news on a new Ring of Honor TV show will be coming “soon” as the ...

Tony Khan reveals what he originally wanted to call AEW

Hamish Woodward

Since it’s announcement at the beginning of 2019, AEW has grown to one of the best and most beloved wrestling ...

kenny omega contract

Kenny Omega’s AEW Contract set to end soon, reveals Meltzer

Hamish Woodward

Kenny Omega’s AEW contract expires on February 23, 2023, but could the former AEW Champion move to WWE once his ...

jay white aew debut

Jay White’s first AEW match came about after HUGE Tony Khan mistake

Hamish Woodward

Jay White is the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion and one of the top wrestlers in the world. However after conquering ...

when will cm punk return from injury

When will CM Punk return from injury?

Hamish Woodward

On AEW Rampage on June 3rd 2022, CM Punk opened the show with an announcement. Just as he had done ...

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