Kenny Omega’s AEW Contract set to end soon, reveals Meltzer

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Kenny Omega’s AEW contract expires on February 23, 2023, but could the former AEW Champion move to WWE once his deal runs out?

With recent talk about MJF not renewing his AEW deal in 2024, questions have been asked about the status of Kenny Omega‘s contract.

The former AEW Champion was one of the biggest signings in the beginning of AEW, and took on a new role as executive vice-president and head of the women’s division upon him signing his AEW contract.

However, he was not just a good hand behind the scenes. Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world and one of the most decorated stars in AEW history.

Alongside Adam Page he became the second ever team to hold the AEW World Tag Team Championships. He later added to his silverware when he defeated Jon Moxley at AEW Winter is Coming to become the third ever AEW Champion.

Kenny Omega’s reign as AEW Champion was the most legendary of them all and he had incredible match after incredible match in his title defences. Despite huge injury concerns, he put on five star matches weekly until he was dethroned by former partner Adam Page at Full Gear 2021.

That match came at the end of Kenny Omega’s original AEW contract. All the AEW stars signed three year deals in 2019 and Kenny Omega’s contract was coming to an end when he lined up to face Hangman for the AEW Championship.

So, when does Kenny Omega’s contract end with AEW?

Kenny Omega’s AEW Contract

kenny omega aew contract

Dave Meltzer, a close friend of AEW stars Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, recently revealed that Kenny Omega’s contract with AEW is set to expire sooner than some people may have expected.

The AEW star has not been seen on AEW Dynamite since the show after Full Gear 2021 and fans have patiently awaited the return of one of the top stars of AEW.

However, they may not have as much time left to watch Kenny Omega as they expected.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Kenny Omega’s AEW contract is set to expire early next year.

Kenny Omega’s contract runs out on February 23, 2023 and it is unknown whether or not he will re-sign with the promotion. After Cody Rhodes left AEW for WWE, all bets are off and anyone could leave the promotion to sign for Vince McMahon, even an EVP like Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega’s Injuries

kenny omega injuries

While Kenny Omega’s contract runs until early next year, it is unlikely fans will see much of him before it expires or Omega re-signs with the company. Injuries have plagued Omega for years (including Vertigo since 2017) and he has been out with various ailments since November last year.

It is unknown how long the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion will be out of action, but don’t expect to see him any time soon.

Meltzer also revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Kenny Omega “don’t sound promising” for a return at AEW Double or Nothing 2022. Fans are hopeful to see him the AEW vs NJPW show Forbidden Door, but nobody knows whether he will be back in time for the event or not.

Tony Khan, in an interview with PWInsider, recently commented that he was “very excited” to see Kenny Omega return to AEW amid contract rumours, but warned that his return will be a “long time coming”.

I think he was absolutely the wrestler of the year for 2021. And I’m very excited for Kenny Omega’s return in 2022. It’ll be a long time coming and we’d be excited to have him back.”

Tony Khan on Kenny Omega’s return amid injuries

When The Cleaner returns is unknown but fans will hoping that Kenny Omega’s AEW contract will be extended once he makes his long awaited return to the ring in 2022

When does Kenny Omega’s AEW contract end?

Kenny Omega’s AEW contract ends on February 23, 2023. The former AEW and IWGP Heavyweight Champion will be one of the most sought after free agents (even more so than MJF) if he does not sign a new deal with AEW before that date.

He may have already signed a new deal with AEW but it simply hasn’t been reported. We will update this post against if more details become available.

He was offered a contract by WWE in 2018

Kenny Omega was offered a deal to sign with WWE in 2018, alongside the Young Bucks. The former IWGP Heavyweight Champion was the world’s hottest wrestler coming out of 2018 and was just finishing up his run with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The Canadian star was offered a deal by NJPW but was insulted by the low offer they gave. Considering he was their top foreign star and their world champion, he felt he deserved a much higher pay than offered. Some rumours even reported he was offered less money in his renewel.

Kenny Omega would have signed for WWE had it not been for Tony Khan and his new promotion, AEW. Omega and The Young Bucks found Khan’s offer of becoming Executive Vice-Presidents of the company and, along with Cody Rhodes, forwent the offer from Triple H and Vince McMahon and formed AEW.

Now, Kenny Omega could be signing with WWE and leaving AEW, something nobody ever saw coming. It would be one of the bleakest days in AEW history should we see Kenny Omega walk out the door for good.

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