What Happened to Xia Brookside? (WWE Release, NXT Europe?)

Hamish Woodward

what happened to Xia Brookside

Xia Brookside was one of the most impressive young stars in NXT UK and seemed to be on track to become a United Kingdom Champion some ways down the line. However, her future is currently up in the air and her future prospects are currently unknown to anyone outside her inner circle.

She was considered by many to be one of the brightest prospects in UK women’s wrestling, having been signed by the WWE at just age 19. However, her career stalled after a few years and she was let go by the company this month, still aged just 22.

But what happened to Xia Brookside? How did the daughter of a legend of British wrestler fair in the WWE and where does her future lie?

Xia Brookside Was Signed By WWE For The Mae Young Classic

As a youngster, Xia Brookside grew up in Leicester, but retains her love for Everton from her Liverpool-based father, Robbie Brookside. A legend of British wrestling and best friend to William Regal, Robbie Brookside gave her the best base to follow her dreams with, despite him not being involved with her training.

She was trained by Daz Walsh and Dean Allmark, both highly professional British wrestlers who are known for being some of the better trainers around. She excelled early on, having begun her training in 2014 when she was just 15 and making her debut just one year later. She wrestled for All Star Wrestling, where she had her early matches and set the scene for Xia Brookside to make her mark on the British wrestling scene.

Her debut match took place in Devon, in the Devon Cliffs Holiday Camp, and she teamed with independent wrestling star El Ligero in a mixed tag-team match. However, he has since been disgraced as one of the stars accused of sexual abuse during the #SpeakingOut scandal in British wrestling.

Prior to joining WWE, she also wrestled for Japanese promotion Stardom. Known for having the top women’s wrestlers in the world she was in great company and could learn from the best, being very early on in her career. In total, she wrestled 130 times before joining up with WWE in 2018 as part of the Mae Young Classic.

She lost in the first round of tournament, as Io Sharai (now IO SKY) defeated Xia Brookside. However, the young star made an impression on the WWE producers backstage and was soon signed to a deal to compete on the new TV show NXT UK.

She was released by WWE due to NXT Europe

She competed in NXT UK for a number of years but injuries and new signings limited her to fewer and fewer appearances on the program. The pandemic also limited her ability to wrestle in front of a crowd, something vital for a wrestler learning their craft in the ring.

On 18 August 2022, Xia Brookside was released by WWE. However, this was not a reflection on her ability, as she was joined by some former champions like Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. Her release came as part of NXT UK shutting down and was an unavoidable consequence of Brexit finally affecting the wrestling world.

Xia Brookside Confirmed Her Release, Stating “It’s Not Over”

Xia Brookside confirmed her release on Twitter, stating that “It’s not over” and indicating she would love a return to WWE in the future, something Triple H will surely keep his eye on in the years to come as she grows as a performer.

Due to her release, she is unlikely to be signed to NXT Europe, the new show replacing NXT UK. However she is still just 23 and has decades left to get back to the WWE and make a name for herself in wrestling.

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