CM Punk Punched The Young Bucks Backstage, Kenny Omega Bitten

UPDATE: Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported on his podcast that he heard that the fight included Kenny Omega, at least one of the Young Bucks, with Ace Steel and CM Punk also in the fight. Nick Jackson got rocked/knocked out, while Ace Steel bite Kenny Omega and that there was a chair thrown by an unknown party.

There is reportedly “huge heat” on CM Punk from the AEW Locker-room, lead by Executive Vice President’s Nick and Matt Jackson. CM Punk called out the Young Bucks during his controversial press conference after AEW All Out 2022 which was said to have ruffled a lot of feathers backstage.

The end of the show built up to a Grand Slam MJF vs CM Punk match, when the former returned after months away to win the Casino Ladder Match. In doing this he earned a shot at the AEW Champion, which is held by CM Punk since his main event win over Jon Moxley on that very show.

MJF interrupted Punk after his big win, but that soon became second rate news once the AEW Champion joined Tony Khan for the post-match press conference. In his home town of Chicago, he berated a number of AEW wrestlers for their alleged leaking of backstage rumours, including some less-than-true things about CM Punk’s relationship with Colt Cabana.

CM Punk in the All Out 2022 Main Event
CM Punk in the All Out 2022 Main Event

He accused the “EVP’s” of spreading these false rumours to “dirt sheet” writers like Sean Ross Sapp (of Fightful) and The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer. While SRS denied that he spoke to the Elite, CM Punk seemed insistent that the leaks in the AEW locker room have come from those near the top of the card.

The accusations by the AEW Champion seems to be the source of the heat between CM Punk and The Young Bucks. The latter never commented on the beef between Punk and Adam Page, after Hangman’s shoot comments during his AEW promo before losing the AEW Champion ruffled the feathers of the Chicago native.

CM Punk allegedly met the Young Bucks backstage, with Nick and Matt Jackson furious about the comments made by him about them and Kenny Omega. The AEW backstage situation has gone sour since the signing of CM Punk and has been exasperated by Kenny Omega lengthy absence and magnified by Cody Rhodes, who was somewhat of a helpful ear backstage, leaving the company for WWE in early 2022.

CM Punk said in the post-show media scrum that ““EVPs” are “spreading lies and bullsh*t to the media.”, accusing The Elite of giving information to the wrestling journalists in order to further their own cause and make CM Punk look bad. He also called Adam Page a “empty-headed f*cking dumb f*ck”.

In addition, speaking about the CM Punk and Colt Cabana situation, where CM Punk was sued by his former friends over payment for legal bills, he said “There’s people who call themselves EVPs that should have f*cking known better. This sh*t was none of their business”.

The Young Bucks confronted the AEW Champion backstage after the fact, with their intentions unknown. Whether they were there to stoke the flames or hash it out with Punk was unknown, but their confrontation ended with CM Punk and the Young Punks throwing punches and security breaking them up.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez reported multiple sources saying there was “an altercation” between the two parties after Punk gave comments during the media scrum, with it being described as a “melee”. CM Punk was said to have taken a “swing” at one of the Young Bucks, with security racing to the scene to break up the fight.

Tony Khan could suspend CM Punk, especially after he did the same to Eddie Kingston after he swung at Sammy Guevara. However, with him being the AEW Champion then the rules could be different and he may get preferential treatment.

Whether or not CM Punk will wrestle the Young Bucks in the future is unknown and there is always a chance this is part of an elaborate work to try and fool the AEW fans.

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