John Cena’s Dad Is The Greatest “Reverse Second-Generation” Superstar Ever

Did you know that John Cena’s Dad is a wrestler now too?

John Cena is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and has transitioned into being a star of the screen in Hollywood in recent years.

He is a 16 time world champion in WWE and has starred in a number of movies, including the recent smash hit The Suicide Squad and the accompanying series Peacemaker.

However, he is not the only John Cena in wrestling. John Cena’s Dad has also appeared in WWE and other promotions, and is a man known outside his association with the WWE legend.

Find out all about John Cena’s dad by reading this article. Learn about his various WWE appearance, his feud with Randy Orton and even his own promotion that he works in, under the name Johnny Fabulous.

John Cena’s Dad

Funnily enough, John Cena’s dad is also named John Cena.

John Cena Sr. He is the father of the 16 time world champion and has appeared on-screen with his son on WWE TV, on Monday Night Raw and on WWE Pay Per View.

On the back of his son’s wrestling superstardom, John Cena’s Dad also broke into the wrestling business as a commentator and a wrestling manager.

John Cena Sr. has also revealed that he is a fan of AEW, whilst John Cena claims to have not watched the product but is happy that it exists to lift all the wrestling industry and force WWE to up their game.

How Old is John Cena’s Dad?

John Cena’s Dad, John Cena Sr., is 76 years old, and was born on June 16th 1946. He was born in Massachusetts, USA, the same state in which John Cena was born and raised in.

John Cena Sr. is of Italian ancestry, whilst John Cena’s mother is of French Canadian and English heritage. However, John Cena has never shown any signs of his heritage on the screen or as part of his wrestling character.

John Cena Sr’s age has never been a factor in his life, as he entered the wrestling business in his early 60s and never left, nearly 20 years later.

John Cena’s Dad in WWE

John Cena’s Dad made appearances in WWE during John Cena’s feud with Randy Orton over the WWE Championship in 2007.

This included an episode of Monday Night Raw when Randy Orton dragged John Cena Sr. out of the crowd and began to attack him, causing John Cena to run to his aide. The pair even had a match in the ring in 2007, where Randy Orton decimated John Cena’s Dad whilst Cena was forced to watch, handcuffed to the ring.

Later, during John Cena and Randy Orton’s feud over both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships, he would again attack John Cena Sr in an attempt to get into the head of John Cena. It worked as Orton defeated Cena at the Royal Rumble 2014 to retain both titles.

What John Cena’s Dad A Wrestler

John Cena’s Dad is also known as Johnny Fabulous, and he has competed in wrestling since 2006. He has been a manager and a commentator in many promotions, including in East Coast Championship Wrestling.

Johnny Fabulous also runs his own website, called While he was not a wrestling, John Cena’s dad has stayed close to the wrestling business and his son in the WWE.

Little is known about John Cena’s Dad in his wrestling career. While he works as a manager, he is not known to step into the ring.

He does appear at ringside occasionally in WWE, when his son is back and wrestling for the company. Except to see John Cena and his dad this year at WrestleMania, where the younger Cena returns to the ring for the first time in 2023.

John Cena Sr. does not have a Wikipedia page, but does have his own IMDB page. You can check that out by clicking here.

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