Wrestling fans FURIOUS over “ridiculous” WWE Clash at the Castle Ticket Prices

WWE fans are in shock after the prices for the WWE Clash at the Castle were revealed today. While fans across the United Kingdom were excited to travel to the Welsh Capital to watch all the top WWE stars perform in Cardiff, many families have been priced out of the event which many have called “extortionate”.

The first tickets for the historic show went on sale yesterday, with fans given the first chance to see the top WWE stars perform in a big UK show in 30 years since British Bulldog defeated Bret Hart at Wembley Stadium in 1992.

With pre-sale tickets going on sale today, fans have already lamented WWE for raising tickets prices to “higher than Wrestlemania”. WWE released their packages for Clash at the Castle yesterday and the eye-watering prices have already priced out many disappointed WWE fans.

The most expensive of WWE’s packages, which you can read about in full here, will see the most loyal WWE fans fork out an astonishing £4,500 for front row tickets plus a hotel room experience in the St Davids Hotel in Cardiff Bay, which also includes a meet-and-greet with WWE Superstars and other various perks.

Even the cheapest of the packages, the Fan Package, will cost you £700 per person. This includes one floor seat, a meet and greet with a WWE superstar and an exclusive poster to take home you. With this tier costing a family of four close to £3000, WWE have certainly priced out the majority of Welsh fans who have their first chance to see a WWE Pay Per View in person.

Some fans have complained about WWE pricing them out of the show, even claiming that tickets to the one night show cost “more than Wrestlemania”, which was a four night extravaganza featuring all the top WWE stars and multiple shows.

WWE Clash at the Castle Ticket Prices

When the pre-sale tickets went on sale, many fans were frustrated by WWE’s pricing

While there were some tickets at relatively good prices, like upper tier tickets ranging from £34 to £67 a ticket, the rest of the tickets for the Principality stadium show were incredibly high compared to other WWE events.

The lower tier of the Millennium Stadium, which even for the biggest rugby games in Cardiff will cost you no more than £100, came it at around £300-£400 per ticket. The Clash at the Castle ticket prices were obscene, with regular fans of the show, especially in the South Wales area of Britain, being priced out the show almost entirely.

Even worse than that, the best floor seats will cost you upwards of £2000 a pop, a scandalous price. Any children wishing to see their favourite stars like Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre up close will be disappointed, as only the hardcore and wealthy fans will be able to touch hands with the WWE superstars.

WWE have taken advantage for the extreme demand for tickets in Wales with the first stadium show in the UK since Summerslam 1992. WWE Clash at the Castle ticket prices are higher than almost any other WWE event in history.

The sad part is WWE can do just that. The tickets for Clash at the Castle will sell out by Friday most likely, putting millions in WWE’s pocket while eliminating fans who simply cannot afford to stump up thousands of pounds to see WWE live in Cardiff.

Hopefully they return again in the future and bring a more reasonable ticket price with them, especially with the cost of living crisis currently gripping the nation, as well as the historic lack of wealth situated in the South Wales valley’s, nearby to where the show is due to take place.

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