WWE’s Aalyah Mysterio Joins Family On TV Return

Hamish Woodward

Aalyah Mysterio

Aalyah Mysterio, the daughter of WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, has remerged alongside her family in recent weeks, prompting rumours of a potentially WWE return. The 20 year old made a number of appearances in WWE in 2020, appearing as part of the Mysterio family and eventually she was depicted as being in a relationship with Buddy Murphy (now Buddy Matthews in AEW).

She has appeared on numerous occasions over the past few years, although she has not been signed to WWE contract. Unlike her brother Dominik and father Rey, Aalyah Mysterio is not a wrestler and has yet to compete inside a WWE ring. She appeared at Wrestlemania 22 and was in the crowd to watch her father win the World Heavyweight Champion, and even celebrated her 9th birthday on Smackdown before it was interrupted by CM Punk and The Straight Edge Society.

She began to make more regular appearances during Seth Rollins’ feud with Rey Mysterio, with the whole family being booked on multiple shows in honour of their father. She even kissed Buddy Murphy on screen, with the then-19 year old placed in a storyline relationship with the wrestler who was a “disciple” of Rollins.

Her appearances were well received by the backstage executives in WWE. Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was reportedly a huge fan, with reports that he was set to offer her a contract to train as a wrestler coming out during her time with the company.

“Don’t be surprised if Vince offers her a full-time contract. He sees star potential in her. You will see her in multiple segments on some shows going forward.”


However, as far as we can tell she did not sign a deal with the WWE. She recently graduated from high school so could be waiting to go to college and finish her studies before deciding on a career in wrestling. Although with McMahon now retired the offer for the contract may not still be there. Time will tell if Triple H values her as an asset as much as Vince did.

However, Aalyah Mysterio did make her TV return alongside Rey Mysterio and The Miz on a special episode of Family Feud. Hosted by Steve Harvey, it saw The Mysterio’s take on The Miz’s family in a battle of wits that saw them try to guess the answer that the general public gave to a variety of different questions.

She also returned to WWE this summer, appearing in backstage segment alongside her family and Rhea Ripley. She helped host a party to honour Rey Mysterio’s 20 year anniversary in the WWE, although things didn’t quite go to plan.

Aalyah Mysterio gave her father a present – his original attire from his match at Halloween Havoc 1997 against the legendary Eddie Guerrero – before Rhea Ripley interrupted and, alongside the rest of Judgement Day, attacked the Mysterio family and tried to rip off Rey’s mask.

This was Aalyah’s last appearance for the WWE but it left the door open for a potential match with Ripley down the line, if she does decide to take plunge and train to be a WWE superstar.

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