AEW All Out Best Matches of all time

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AEW All Out best matches

With AEW All Out set to showcase CM Punk debut match in AEW, we look book at all the best matches in AEW All Out history.

There have been a number of high profile, high intensity matches at the yearly AEW event. Some matches not on the list include the Mimosa Mayhem match between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy at All Out 2020, and Chris Jericho beating Adam Page to become the first ever AEW Champion in 2019.

With AEW All Out 2022 set for August/September 2022, we will look back on all the best matches from the history of AEW All Out.

If any of your favourite AEW All Out best matches didn’t make it to this list, let us know in the comments which ones we left out!

AEW All Out Best Matches

5. CM Punk vs Darby Allin – AEW All Out 2021

The first match on the list of AEW All Out best matches is the long-awaited return of CM Punk to wrestling. It was his first match back in wrestling after making his first appearance in 7 years on the second episode of AEW Rampage in August.

In his first promo back, CM Punk called out Darby Allin as one of the young AEW talents that he wanted to work with. Flanked by the legendary Sting, Darby Allin accepted the challenge and the pair would meet for a huge match at AEW All Out 2021.

Fans were at a fever pitch for the match, and the sight of seeing CM Punk himself back in a wrestling ring for the first time in seven and a half years already made it a match to remember.

However, the two AEW stars went out at AEW All Out and put on a classic match that was slow paced, deliberate and paid tribute to wrestling legends like Bret Hart, Owen Hart and X-Pac. It wasn’t the match fans were expecting from the two men but it was one that quietly entered the ranks of the AEW All Out best matches of all time.

4. The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Brothers (Ladder Match) – AEW All Out 2019

The fourth best AEW All Out match is the incredible ladder match between the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers.

The match was a balls to the wall, ridiculously fast paced and ridiculously violent match that showcased all four men’s incredible ability in the best way possible.

The match was absolutely chaotic in the best way possible, with no sense of decorum in this AAA Tag Team Championship match. There was absolutely zero time to breathe in this match as both teams just hit incredible spot after incredible spot, leading to one of the most exciting encounters of all time.

All four men seemed like they wanted to kill each other. It was brutal. The highlight of the match was a dangerous and incredible Candian Destroyer on Pentagon Jr, off a ladder and through a table which just capped off an incredible spot fest of a match.

It ranks in at number 4 on the AEW All Out best matches list, but is not the only Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers match on this list…

3. Kenny Omega vs PAC – AEW All Out 2019

Two of the top stars of the early days of AEW battled at the first ever All Out Event. Kenny Omega vs PAC was one of the best All Out matches in history and only a few matches have ever bettered it in AEW. It got a full five stars from Dave Meltzer

2. Jon Moxley vs Maxwell Jacob Freidman – AEW All Out 2020

The AEW Championship match at All Out 2020 was a fantastic first main event outing for MJF. The young star proved his talent on the mic during the feud and backed it up in the ring, nearly beating AEW Champion Jon Moxley in a close fought encounter.

The pair fought in a rematch at AEW Full Gear 2022, which you can read about below.

1. The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Brothers (Steel Cage Match) – AEW All Out 2021

The best match ever at AEW All Out has to be the cage match for the AEW Tag Team Championship between champion The Young Bucks against challengers the Lucha Brothers.

The two teams have been rivals since the start of AEW, with their first AEW coming at the previously mentioned AEW All Out 2019. That match was one of the best AEW All Out matches ever, but the 2021 edition was one of the best AEW matches of all time, regardless of event.

This tag team match went little over 20 minutes, but felt like 40. Usually this would be a dig at a long, boring match, but here it is a compliment. Both teams worked at such a lightning pace that they managed to cram three matches worth of high spots and incredible action into just 20 minutes of supreme wrestling.

Huge spots like a Rey Fenix dive from the top of the cage, and a superkick from a thumbtack-filled shoe from the Young Bucks made this match an incredibly memorable one. Fans watched in horror as both teams, bloodied and battered, just kept on coming at a pace that they were sure they would not be able to keep up.

But they did. The match went at an incredible pace and in the end the Lucha Brothers pinned the Young Bucks to win their first and so far only AEW Tag Team Championships. It was a well deserved, long overdue win for the Lucha Brothers, who ended the Bucks’ legendary championship reign in AEW All Out’s best match so far in the companies history.

Which match did you think was the AEW All Out best matches of all time? Let us know in the comments or click below to keep reading.

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