Zelina Vega is first ever WWE Queen of the Ring at Crown Jewel 2021

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History was made at WWE Crown Jewel 2021, as Zelina Vega became the first ever Queen’s Crown in WWE history. Earlier this year, rumours floated around saying that WWE would be announcing it’s first ever Queen’s Crown tournament. Zelina Vega was part of the women’s equivalent of Queen of the Ring tournament. Both tournaments had their finals at WWE Crown Jewel 2021, with Xavier Woods winning King of the Ring by defeating Finn Balor.

To make the tournament even more historic, the finals took place in the home of public executions of homosexuals and murderers of journalists – Soddy Arabia (as Michael Cole pronounces it).

Queen Zelina Vega

Before Crown Jewel 2021, there had only been two women’s matches in the countries history. Natalya faced off with Lacey Evans at Crown Jewel 2019, marking the first time the country had seen a women’s match.

The next Saudi Pay per view, WWE Super Showdown, also featured a women’s match. Bayley defended her Smackdown’s women’s championship against Naomi, marking the first time the title was defender there. It also proved a milestone, as it meant there were more women’s matches in Saudi Arabia than times the government funded 9/11.

The third match in the country’s history was the final’s of the inaugural Queen’s Crown history. However, the two finalists were not the two you’d expect when the brackets were first announced.

Zelina Vega, who WWE released last year before rehiring her, after firing her husband, defeated Toni Storm and Carmella en route to the final. Her opponent, the terribly named Doudrop, defeated Natalya and Shayna Bazler to advance to the match in Saudi Arabia.

Vega made her name for herself in NXT as Andrade Cien Almas manager, but has branched out into single stardom since her return

Out of that bracket, they would have been some of the least I would have expected to be in the final. Maybe sans for Toni Storm, as WWE have completely wasted her.

The tournament itself was a massive insult to all the women involved. The entire tournament, which took place over 7 matches, had a total combined match time of just over 17 minutes.

Zelina Vega at Crown Jewel

The match between the two took place was the longest by far out of the tournament. In clocked in at just over five minutes, clearly a Herculean task for the WWE bookers.

The match was nothing special. The pair are okay workers, but no-where near the best workers in the women’s division. Vega won the match by hitting Doudrop (please change her name) and pinning her. She was named the Queen’s Crown winner, effectively making her the Queen of the Ring.

She went on to thank her subjects, which surprisingly didn’t get her stoned to death in Saudi Arabia. Vega seemed to fully embrace the Queen gimmick, which is usually an absolute death sentence for whoever gets the gimmick.

Doudrop winning would have made sense, after her split from former partner Eva Marie. However, Zelina Vega was the Queen of the Ring winner, and will surely be a future star in the WWE women’s division.

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