Adam Cole’s Last Match In WWE Was An All Time Great Bout

Hamish Woodward

Adam Cole recently returned to AEW for the first time in nearly a year.

His last match was at Forbidden Door, where a concussion kept him on the sidelines for months, and threatened to end his career for good.

However, it has been almost two years since Adam Cole’s last match in WWE. He left the company not long after, rejecting a main roster call up due to some horrible booking by Vince McMahon.

Here is Adam Cole’s last match in WWE.

Adam Cole’s Last Match In WWE

Adam Cole’s last match at NXT Takeover 36 was a highly anticipated affair against his long-time rival Kyle O’Reilly.

The match was a 2/3 falls match, meaning that the first wrestler to win two falls would be declared the winner. This stipulation added an extra layer of intensity to an already heated feud.

The match started with both wrestlers engaging in a series of technical exchanges, showcasing their grappling skills.

The fans were on the edge of their seats as they watched these two world-class athletes go at it. The first fall came relatively early in the match, with Kyle O’Reilly getting the pin after hitting Adam Cole with a devastating knee strike.

Adam Cole was not one to give up easily, and he immediately began to mount a comeback. He went after O’Reilly with a flurry of punches and kicks, trying to wear down his opponent.

The two wrestlers traded blows, with neither gaining a significant advantage. The second fall came after a gruelling back-and-forth battle, with Adam Cole hitting O’Reilly with his signature Panama Sunrise finisher to even the score.

The third and final fall was where things really started to heat up. Both wrestlers knew that they had to win this fall if they wanted to emerge victorious.

They went all out, throwing caution to the wind and putting their bodies on the line. The fans were on their feet, cheering on their favourite wrestler and eagerly anticipating the outcome of the match.

In the end, it was Kyle O’Reilly who emerged victorious. After a brutal back-and-forth battle, O’Reilly hit Adam Cole with a flurry of strikes, including another devastating knee strike, to secure the final fall and win the match.

The fans erupted in cheers as O’Reilly was declared the winner, while Adam Cole lay battered and bruised in the centre of the ring.

Despite the loss, Adam Cole received a standing ovation from the crowd. He had given it his all and had put on an incredible performance. As he made his way to the back, the fans chanted his name, showing their appreciation for all that he had done for NXT.

Adam Cole’s last match at NXT Takeover 36 was a fitting end to his time in NXT. He had been one of the brand’s top stars for years, putting on countless memorable matches and entertaining fans all around the world.

While his time in NXT may have come to an end, there is no doubt that he will continue to make an impact in the world of professional wrestling for years to come.

He Was Almost Made Keith Lee’s Manager On The Main Roster

After leaving NXT, Adam Cole was ready to be called up to either Raw or Smackdown, on the main roster.

However, this was not going to be as a wrestler.

Adam Cole was going to be the manager for Keith Lee, who had recently be repackaged as “The Bearcat”, a short-lived gimmick that did not fill anybody with confidence.

Dave Meltzer reported that Vince McMahon’s plan was to turn Keith Lee heel, then debut Adam Cole as his manager.

However, he also wanted to change his name, so that nobody got confused with Adam Cole sharing a last name with the commentator Michael Cole.

The idea was to turn Keith Lee heel and have Adam Cole be his manager, probably with a new name (So you don’t have 2 Coles). Described as a Lio Rush/Lashley dynamic where Cole is the little guy hiding behind the big guy.

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