Why Britt Baker and Adam Cole aren’t together anymore in AEW?

AEW has a number of power couples in their ranks, and none as popular as Britt Baker and Adam Cole.

Baker was the first woman signed by AEW and is the companies most popular female star in its history. Her AEW Women’s Championship reign was the best reign in the companies and she continues to be the companies biggest female star.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Adam Cole made his name first in ROH and later in WWE. He is former NXT Champion and widely regarded as one of the greatest champions in the companies history.

The pair are a couple in AEW, although they have not been referenced as a pair for a while in AEW. Fans are fully aware of Britt Baker and Adam Cole being partners outside of the ring but you would not know it if you started watching AEW Dynamite.

However, there is a good reason why they are not referenced as a couple on AEW TV, as revealed by former AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker…

Britt Baker and Adam Cole

adam cole and britt baker

Britt Baker and Adam Cole have not teamed in AEW since a tag team match against Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander in early 2022. This took place during the Orange Cassidy vs Adam Cole feud with saw Cassidy defeat Cole in a Lights Out Match on AEW Dynamite.

That was the first time that Britt Baker and Adam Cole were acknowledged as a couple on TV. For the bulk of Baker’s run, Cole was wrestling for their competitors (WWE), so he was not mentioned on AEW TV at all.

However, as he debuted at AEW All Out 2021, the pair can officially be acknowledged as a couple on, although they may not want to too much. After seeing how Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti have been received as a duo, the pair want to keep their personal and professional lives separate, as both are near the top of their respective divisions.

However, that is not the reason Britt Baker and Adam Cole have been separated on AEW TV.

Britt Baker revealed in a recent interview with Forbes, ahead of a potential Owen Hart Cup final match at AEW Double or Nothing 2022, that the pair do not spend their time together in the ring because, quite simply, they “don’t need each other”.

Both are incredible wrestlers in the ring and some of the most popular characters in AEW. Baker also notes that fans know they are a couple so AEW don’t need to “shove it down people’s throats”

In the interview with Forbes, Britt Baker said about Adam Cole;

“This is probably a little arrogant, but that’s OK because I believe in it. We don’t need each other. We’re at the top of our respective divisions on our own, and I think that’s what really makes a power couple a power couple. You don’t have to say you’re a power couple. You just are.”

“We don’t have to shove it down people’s throats. People know we’re a couple, but we don’t need each other in the ring and on camera to be relevant. I’m a rock star on my own. He’s a rock star on his own, and if we get to do stuff together, it just makes it that much better.”

Britt Baker seems adamant that both stars can stand on their own two feet in AEW, and she has so far proved them right, as has Adam Cole

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