AEW’s Best Friends & Their Best Matches So Far

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AEW’s Best Friends are one of the company’s most beloved group of misfits, despite their relative lack of success in the company.

Over the past four years, the six members have two title belts between them, despite an array of title shots over their run so far.

With six members in their rank (seven if you count Rocky Romero), they are one of the biggest factions in AEW, with the group holding some of AEW’s biggest talents.

In this article, we’ll reveal every member of the Best Friends, as well as the best matches the Best Friends have had in AEW.

Who Are The Best Friends In AEW?

Best Friends are one of the longest-running factions in AEW history, having been a group since the start of the company.

Original Best Friends Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta were two of the first signings AEW ever made.

The pair were making waves on the indie scene and in Japan, with the duo being a key part of the CHAOS faction in NJPW.

They were soon joined by Orange Cassidy, who joined the group soon after Double or Nothing 2019. They competed in trios matches regularly, with Cassidy fitting with the tag team’s more lighthearted gimmicks.

They next adopted Kris Statlander into their ranks, making her the first female wrestler to join the Best Friends.

She gave them a representative in the AEW women’s division, with her alien gimmick adding another side of comedy to the already hilarious group.

Wheeler Yuta was their next recruit, signing up as the protégée of Chuck Taylor in 2020. He was a young star with bags of potential, and filled the hole that Trent left when he was out with injury.

However, this partnership was short-lived. In 2022, Wheeler Yuta left Best Friends and joined the Blackpool Combat Club, abandoning his friends for top stars like Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson.

The final member of the Best Friends faction in AEW in Danhausen. The bizarre wrestler appeared during Orange Cassidy’s match with Adam Cole in early 2022, appearing from under the ring and “cursing” the former NXT Champion.

He has appeared intermittently with the group, although he did team up with Orange Cassidy in the AEW Tag Team Championship match at AEW Revolution 2023.

AEW’s Best Friends Best Matches

Now you’ve learned about whom the Best Friends are, now we’ll look at some of their best matches in AEW.

They are probably the most popular team in AEW to never win the tag team gold, despite being one of the key parts of the difficult pandemic shows.

The group have wrestled some incredible singles matches, but this article will be about the matches they had together, as a team.

If you want to read about the Best Friends’ matches as individuals, wait until the end of the article to learn more about that.

5. vs Death Triangle (AEW Dynamite 7/9/22)

The Best Friends challenged for the vacant AEW Trios Champion on AEW Dynamite, following The Elite vacating the belts after All Out 2022.

With The Lucha Brothers being refereed by Rick Knox, you knew exactly what was going to happen. An unapologetic spotfest with non-stop action and no rules whatsoever, it was simply a fun and exciting watch,

As expect, the Best Friends did not win the match or the titles, adding to the endless pain of being a fan of the beloved group.

4. vs Britt Baker & Adam Cole (AEW Dynamite 19/1/22)

Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander teamed together in a fun little mixed-tag team match on AEW Dynamite.

Helping him in his feud with Adam Cole, Kris Statlander helped her friend when Britt Baker joined her boyfriend to give Cole the upper hand.

While they came up short, seeing Kris Statlander teaming with Orange Cassidy in a big match was a fun time, and one of their best matches together ever.

3. vs Adam Page, Alex Reynolds & John Silver (AEW Rampage 2/9/22)

The AEW Trios Title tournament brought some classic matches to AEW, with the Best Friends being very much involved with these great bouts.

Their highlight was a first-round match against Adam Page and The Dark Order. It was a match with little chance of an upset, but the trio of Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta and Orange Cassidy did their best to upset the status quo.

While Hangman and Dark Order picked up the win for their side, the Best Friends put on one of their best matches in AEW and showed why they need title gold as a team sooner, rather than later.

2. vs Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson vs Ortiz & Santana (AEW Dynamite 15/1/20)

The Best Friends battled some top tag teams in this forgotten classic from the early days of AEW.

It showcased the absolute best of tag team wrestling, with all four teams showing no restraint in their pursuit of victory,

It was a classic spotfest, with all eight men swapping in and out of the ring to keep the action flowing for the incredible crowd in attendance.

While many don’t remember much about this match, it is one of the Best Friends’ best matches of their career.

1. vs Santana & Orton – Parking Lot Fight (AEW Dynamite 10/9/20)

AEW Dynamite’s first five-star match was given for the Best Friends’ best match in AEW so.

This classic match pitted Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta against the Inner Circle’s Santana & Ortiz. They battled in a parking lot, owing to the latter team destroying Trent’s mom Sue‘s minivan weeks prior,

Best Friends won a brutal match, with help from Orange Cassidy popping out of a trunk near the end of the match in hilarious fashion.

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