Trent’s Mom Sue – Being a CHOAS Member, Training and Giving the Middle Finger on AEW

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trent's mom sue

Amidst Best Friends incredible run in the tag team division in 2020, Trent’s Mom Sue has carved out herself a nice little career in AEW. Sue first appeared in AEW in the summer of 2020, dropping her son Trent and his tag team partner Chuck Taylor off before a tag team match.

Since then, Trent’s Mom Sue has appeared multiple times on AEW programming. Usually the retired teacher is seen dropping off her son before big matches and returns, but she also picked up the Best Friends after their five star match against Santana & Ortiz on AEW Dynamite in 2020.

Sue has become one of many of the colourful cast of characters that make up the AEW Dynamite roster. While not an active wrestler, she has carved out a niche for herself within wrestling, but simply being herself – Trent’s Mom Sue.

Trent’s Mom Sue

Being a member of Chaos

Sue’s son Trent Barretta has struggled with injuries during his time in AEW. Last year he suffered a brutal neck injury which kept him out of the ring for months. He was not seen on AEW until December 2021, when he returned to help the Best Friends fight off the The Elite on AEW Dynamite.

After his return he invited his Mom Sue into the ring to celebrate in front of the crowd. Afterwards, he and Chuck Taylor, as well as the rest of the Best Friends including Kris Statlander, Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta, were inducted back into the NJPW CHAOS faction by Rocky Romero.

This led to one Twitter user tweeting out to CHOAS member Rocky Romero asking whether or not Trent’s Mom Sue was a part of the Kazuchika Okada-led faction. With the help of Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, we got our answer! Trent’s Mom Sue is a member of CHAOS!

I don’t expect we’ll be seeing Sue in the G1 Climax any time soon, but it would be a treat to see her picking up Okada in her minivan to drop him off at the main event of Wrestle Kingdom next year.

Training to Wrestle?

After he son’s return on AEW Dynamite in December, Trent’s Mom Sue showed the world what incredible shape she is in.

The now-star of AEW, whenever she appears, took to Twitter to post a video of her working out in her garden. The video showcased her lifting a bar with two full paint cans on either end. Impressive weight of a retired teacher with a 34 year old son (we won’t reveal her age!) who has clearly taken inspiration from wrestlers like her son to keep in great shape.

Maybe Sue will be seen in the G1 Climax after all. All this talk of Bryan Danielson or CM Punk heading to NJPW, maybe it will be Trent’s Mom Sue who shocks the world and dethrones Hiroshi Tanahashi as the Ace of New Japan.

Throwing the Middle Finger Up on AEW Dynamite

Sue’s car-based antics (mainly driving her son to-and-from work) have been a source of delight from AEW fans. Well, not Chuck Taylor’s mother, who he revealed texted him after her appearance asking “why can’t I drive you to work!”.

Trent’s Mom Sue did a great job in her role, but one of her most iconic moments almost never happened. She had a starring appearance after the incredible parking lot fight between Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz, which earned a Dave Meltzer five-star rating from the Wrestling Observer.

The match featured incredible and dangerous action, topped off by Orange Cassidy appearing from a car’s trunk to help Chuck Taylor and Trent to victory.

After the match, the trio hobbled to Sue’s minivan, where she picked up the three wrestlers to drive them home. However, before she pulled away, she gestured towards Santana & Ortiz (who had destroyed her minivan weeks before which led to this match), lifting her middle finger in rage.

It was a hilarious moment from AEW and classic Best Friends comedy. However, she revealed in an interview with Fightful that she had to be talked into doing the gesture, as the retired teacher did not want to look bad on TV.

“They had to talk me into that. I did not want to do it,” Sue said. “I am like ‘I’m not going on national TV. Oh my goodness, I’m a retired teacher, it’s so embarrassing, it’s so wrong.’ They tried and tried, and said ‘You’re a character! This is not…you’re a character, you can do that.’ Now I’m so glad I did that. I loved it! I caved completely, but I was shy about it. It was great, and I’m glad I did it. 

“People were coming over to me telling me I had to do it, it’s the best way to end it! It was wonderful. I’m not really that much of a character, I’m a mom! I’m Trent’s mom Sue, so that made it okay.”

It was an iconic moment from one of AEW best matches of all time. Lets hope we get to see some more of Trent’s Mom Sue as time goes on, as she brings a lot to the ever expanding Best Friends team. A Sue segment with Danhausen is surely next on the cards for AEW.

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