Steve Austin WWE Return “A Done Deal” (Wrestlemania 38 Return)

19 years after he ended his career against The Rock at Wrestlemania 19, a Steve Austin WWE return looks to be in the bag, with WWE considering the return “a done deal”.

Steve Austin has been rumoured in recent weeks to be making his WWE in-ring return for one final match at Wrestlemania. The favourite for the Steve Austin WWE return match is Kevin Owens, a Canadian wrestler who uses ‘Stone Cold’s” famous finishing move, the “Stone Cold Stunner”.

A report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider talked about how WWE first discussed an in-ring return for Steve Austin in December, but as of yesterday he had still not committed to returning for a match.

Austin’s last match came against The Rock at Wrestlemania 19

However, Wrestle Observer writer Dave Meltzer has confirmed that Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE return in the ring is set for Wrestlemania 38. He noted that people within WWE were heavily discussing the match, and that internally it was thought it was a “done deal”.

“They have a lot of tickets left to sell and the impression I have is the match is on. That’s why he started doing the promos. I know that backstage at WWE all day, that’s all I kept hearing about. I heard it early in the day and I kept checking around and more people were saying they heard the same thing. I don’t know that it’s a done deal but people were talking like it was. The Owens promo was a dead giveaway,”

Dave Meltzer on a Steve Austin WWE Return

Kevin Owens started to insult Texas in promos last week and that continued on Monday Night Raw. This years Wrestlemania is scheduled to take place at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the home state of the Texas Rattlesnake and the perfect place for a final Steve Austin match.

Would you be interested in seeing a Steve Austin WWE return? Was his last match against The Rock the perfect way to retire? Will Steve Austin vs Kevin Owens be one of Steve Austin best matches ever?

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