The Rock

Ranking every The Rock vs Stone Cold match at Wrestlemania (worst to best)

Hamish Woodward

There have been few trilogies in wrestling that match the intensity and entertainment of the legendary “Stone Cold” Steve Austin ...

The Real Reason Why CM Punk Left WWE In 2014

Hamish Woodward

Why did CM Punk leave WWE? We analyze the reasons behind him walking out on the company and spending seven ...

CM Punk shoots on troubles of working with The Rock

Hamish Woodward

CM Punk had some issues working with The Rock in their 2012 matches, saying that planning their angles together was ...

Cody Rhodes Reveals The Best Match Ever In Wrestling

Hamish Woodward

Cody Rhodes has revealed which wrestling match he thinks is the best match ever – and calls out anybody who ...

Hulk Hogan Reveals How Match vs The Rock Went Horribly Wrong

Hamish Woodward

Hulk Hogan reveals what went wrong with his match against The Rock, claiming everything they practiced was thrown out as ...

Steve Austin Reveals The Rock Took The Stunner The Best

Hamish Woodward

The Rock famously had the most entertaining sells of the Stone Cold Stunner, and Steve Austin has revealed that he ...

Fact Check: Did WWE lose fans because they bought WCW?

Hamish Woodward

WWE, in it’s many productions including their “Monday Night Wars” series, declares that they lost fans after the attitude era ...

DDP’s WWE Debut Should Have Been Against The Rock, Not The Undertaker

Hamish Woodward

Diamond Dallas Page is a former WCW Champion and current WWE Hall of Famer. Despite not starting wrestling until he ...

DDP vs The Rock

Revealing Why The Rock vs DDP Never Happened in WWE

Hamish Woodward

Diamond Dallas Page was destined to face The Rock in 2001, when WWE bought out WCW and started the now ...


The Rock Reveals Why He Isn’t In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Hamish Woodward

Is the Rock in the WWE Hall of Fame? Keep reading to find out below The WWE Hall of Fame ...

the rocks last match

Why The Rock’s last match is not one that you expected

Hamish Woodward

The Rock is one of the greatest of all time, and has wrestled in some of the biggest matches ever. ...

The Rock Had “Great Influence” Over Goldberg During WWE Run

Hamish Woodward

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has revealed that The Rock had a great influence over fellow legend Goldberg during ...

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