Alexa Bliss Has Wrestled Her Last Match Before Having Baby

Alexa Bliss recently announced her pregnancy, leaving us with the fact that we may have seen her last match in the WWE.

The former WWE Women’s Champion has been off TV for some months, with little direction from the WWE as to the reason.

She appeared on the hit TV show The Masked Singer while away from Raw, although the reason she was taken off TV was actually due to Bray Wyatt.

Bliss was set to start a storyline with Wyatt following the Royal Rumble, although due to his unexpected removal after the disastrous Mountain Dew Pitch Black match, this was cut without warning.

With the announcement of her pregnancy, it looks like Alexa Bliss has wrestled her last match in the WWE for at least a year, or maybe ever if she decides to retire from wrestling following the birth of her child.

Alexa Bliss Last Match

Alexa Bliss’ last match in the WWE was a loss against Bianca Belair at the 2023 Royal Rumble event.

Bliss was the number one contender for Belair’s title, which she held since WrestleMania the previous year. She was in the midst of a record run as one of the most dominant champions in WWE history.

Few people thought that Little Miss Bliss had a chance to win the title, although the two superstars still gave it their all to steal the show.

Bliss beat Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross and Bayley to earn her title shot against Belair, and made the most of it by performing well in a decent match, although not one that is likely to be on the match of the year list, come Christmastime.

Alexa Bliss lost her last match in WWE, being pinned by Belair after taking a KOD in the middle of the ring. However, her transformation back into her demonic character that was previously associated with Wyatt continued, with a video teased after the match about the pair’s future partnership.

Sadly, Wyatt was taken off TV for unspecified reasons after the fact, meaning that the pairs’ storyline was immediately dropped.

Bliss was taken off TV too, and missed out on working at this year’s WrestleMania event (although that was likely due to her pregnancy).

It is unknown if Alexa Bliss will ever wrestle again. Some wrestlers retire after giving birth, opting to become stay-at-home mums to raise their kids.

Meanwhile, others like Becky Lynch and Asuka have continued their careers as mothers, showing Alexa Bliss that she can do either.

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