Alexa Bliss Announces Pregnancy, Explains WWE Absence

Hamish Woodward

After a year of trying, Alexa Bliss has revealed she is pregnant for the first time.

The former WWE Women’s Champion has been absent from WWE for some months, with little on-screen explanation.

She disappeared from our screens the same time as Bray Wyatt, leading many to believe that she was taken off due to her potential involvement in the Wyatt storyline.

However, it now looks as though it was her pregnancy which is keeping her out the ring, as her and husband Ryan Cabrera revealed to E!.

“It was a total surprise, as we weren’t trying at all,” Alexa Bliss said As for Ryan, 40, he explained that though they were “one million percent surprised,” the couple simply “couldn’t be more excited.”

“We Facetimed my mom immediately,” Alexa added. “And then shared the news with Ryan’s family.”

“Because we have friends and family on both coasts, we hosted a reveal party in L.A.and one in Orlando.”, they revealed, spoiling when they told their friends and fellow WWE superstars.

“We shot a video with our friend Neil Fernandez, which is a spoof of the Friends episode where Rachel tells Ross she’s expecting. Friends is one of our favorite shows and, as you saw with our prom video, we like to make our announcements in unique and fun ways.”

Alexa Bliss will likely be out of the ring for at least a year, if not longer. She could retire, although Becky Lynch showed in recent years that you can have a baby and continue your career in the WWE.

With them announcing an expected date of December 2023, it’s likely the baby was conceived around WrestleMania time, around when Alexa Bliss was removed from TV alongside Bray Wyatt.

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