Ranking Kenny Omega’s Finisher’s From Best to Worst

Kenny Omega has some of the best finishers in wrestling history, innovating some brilliant moves in his quest for wrestling perfection.

The former AEW Champion is regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time. His work in NJPW brought him wild acclaim, while in AEW he became known to the audience in the United States.

Omega soon became a top star in AEW, becoming the third man to win the AEW Championship, as the head of the legendary Elite faction.

He has used three different finishers over his career, each with varying levels of success. In this article, we’ll rank Kenny Omega’s finishers from worst to best, and explain what makes each move so good.

Coyt’s Wrath

While it has now transitioned into a signature move, Croyt’s Wrath was one the finishing move for Kenny Omega in DDT.

The move is innovative and destructive looking, combining Omega’s theatrics with a number of moves to create a work of art in the ring.

The move sees Omega lift his opponent into an electric chair position, sitting them on his shoulders. He then throws them in front of him, before transitioning into a bridged German Suplex, pinning his opponent.

While the move has not won a match for a while, it was once a feared finisher, and one of the best moves in Kenny Omega’s move set.

The name Croyt’s Wrath has a funny origin. Kenny Omega named the move after a video compilation showing a Halo player screaming at players over Xbox Live.

Golden Trigger

The next finish move is not one that is exclusive to Kenny Omega. It is actually a tag team move, from his time teaming with Kota Ibushi in DDT and NJPW.

The duo were known as the Golden Lovers in Japan, portraying a gay couple who were a tag team in the more comedy-orientated DDT promotion.

They had a number of signature moves as a duo, but Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega’s finish as a duo was known as the Golden Trigger.

The move sees Omega and Ibushi grab one arm each from their victim. They then raise their arms to the air, shout “Golden Trigger” and each lay a knee directly into the face of their opponent.

This move is not one that can be hit out of nowhere, but does have a fantastic theatrical element, which is missing in a lot of wrestling moves in recent times.

The move was co-opted by the Young Bucks in AEW, who mocked Omega by doing the BTE Trigger against him at AEW Revolution 2020.

One-Winged Angel

The One-Winged Angel is Kenny Omega’s best finisher in his arsenal, due to the originality of the move, how brutal it looks and how protected it has been over the years.

The move sees Omega lift his opponent into an electric chair position, grabbing his neck to make them hunch over in the air. He then sits down as he pulls them by the neck, as they crash onto the ground onto their back in one fluid motion.

Over the years he has been using the One-Winged Angel, no other move has been protected as much in that time. Kenny Omega had made sure that when the move is hit, that is the end of the match.

Except once.

Kota Ibushi is the only person to ever kick out of the One-Winged Angel. You can click this link to read more about that time, a legendary moment in the world of pro-wrestling.

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