Amazing Red Wrestled For WWE In Two Try-out Matches

Amazing Red is one of the most innovative wrestlers of all time, but did you know that he wrestled two matches for the WWE.

WWE never signed the Puerto Rican star to their roster during his prime, missing out on some incredible dream matches for the young wrestler.

They did take a look at him, however. Amazing Red had two try-out matches with the WWE, and we’ll talk about them in this article.

Amazing Red vs CM Punk

In 2005, Amazing Red had his first tryout match with the WWE. He was already known as one of the most innovative high-flyers in the world, but had yet to cut his teeth in one of the big wrestling promotions.

He faced off against fellow ROH alumni CM Punk, in a dark match before the May 12th episode of Friday Night Smackdown.

Not much is known about this match, not even who was victorious. However, it must have gone well, as CM Punk was signed to the WWE just a few months later.

Sadly, Amazing Red was not given a WWE contract, and was sent back to the independent scene to try to make ends meet.

Amazing Red revealed details about this match during his Reddit “AMA” in 2022. When asked about his try out match with WWE, he confirmed it was against CM Punk, and that the match “changed his life”.

He said, “Me & CM Punk in a dark match in WWE. Because there’s so much story in the after math of that match. That day changed my life in wrestling.”

When pressed about how it changed his life, the Puerto Rican said;

“I really saw people for what they were, and I didn’t know at this time how many people really didn’t want me around… (scared to lose their jobs, apparently because I showed up)”

He Had Another Tryout Match With WWE In 2012

After leaving TNA wrestling in 2011, Amazing Red had another shot at getting a contract with the WWE.

The innovative high-flyer was reported to have had a try-out match with the company in early 2012, prior to the No Way Out Pay Per View.

No Way Out 2012 was a huge show for the WWE, as it featured the WWE Championship match between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane. Clearly, Punk had come so far since his try-out match with Amazing Red.

Even less information is known about this match. It is not even known who he wrestled against, although Amazing Red did confirm that the match happened prior to No Way Out 2012.

He was brought to the arena by Matt Striker, and told fans he had a try-out earlier that day.

Amazing Red On Never Wrestling In The WWE

Sadly, Amazing Red was never signed to the WWE. His career continued in promotions like TNA and ROH, and he only got a break in NJPW during a retirement match against Will Ospreay.

However, he does not seem to regret it too much. He revealed in a Reddit “AMA” that he wishes he could have wrestled just once in WWE, but only to make others happy.

This question is very tricky because I have been approached by everyone and I usually end up turning it down, (for my own reasons) but apparently to a lot of wrestling fans, if you were never in the WWE.. you were never a pro wrestler to begin with… so with that being said, I wish I could just wrestle one time in a WWE cruiserweight match just to make certain ppl happy.

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