Drew McIntyre’s Last Match In WWE Before Being Fired, Revealed

Drew McIntyre is one of the biggest stars in WWE at the moment and a two-time WWE Champion. He is the first ever British WWE Champion and a legend in the ring. The Scot is a shoe-in for the WWE Hall of Fame once he retired, but that did not always seem to be the case.

The Scottish Psychopath was lost in the lower-card in 2014, wrestling alongside Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater as the jobbing trio called “3 Man Band”. The trio lost every match they had and were considered a joke in the WWE.

The group saw the end of Drew McIntyre’s first run in the WWE, with his last match coming against somebody who you could never imagine him losing to in 2023.

Drew McIntyre’s Last Match In WWE Before Being Fired

Drew McIntyre’s last match in his first run with the WWE was a loss to Sin Cara. The pair wrestled on the May 15th, 2014 episode of WWE Superstars, with the Mexican star beating the Scot after a wild amount of interference.

It was a short match, with the focus not on the action in the ring. The match continued to build the feud between El Torito and McIntyre’s “3MB” teammate Hornswoggle.

3MB and Los Matadores fought outside the ring as it build up to Hornswoggle vs El Torito, However, this distracted McIntyre, who was knocked down and hit by a Swanton Bomb by Sin Cara.

Sin Cara then pinned Drew McIntyre in his final WWE match. It would prove to be his final televised match, wrestling R-Truth on house shows before being released from the company just weeks later.

McIntyre would resurface on the independent scene later that year. He wrestled under the name Drew Galloway, forging a new identity for himself and improving in every single metric.

His matches improved, he became a great talker on the microphone and put on a huge amount of muscle. He became a force of nature and won titles all over the world, including England, Scotland and The United States, where he became TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE Fired Drew McIntyre In 2014

Drew McIntyre celebrates after beating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 36

Drew McIntyre was released by the WWE on June 12th, 2014 after many years with the company. While it came as a shock to many, McIntyre know exactly why he was fired and took all the blame on his shoulders.

In a recent interview with former WWE star Mark Andrews on My Love Letter To Wrestling, Drew McIntyre revealed he was fired by WWE because he wasn’t improving, wasn’t “giving it my all” and was drinking and partying too much. He revealed that he knew WWE were right to release him and that he needed the push of his firing to finally sort his head out, improve and become the top star he was always destined to be.

“I wasn’t giving it my all. I wasn’t being honest with myself and looking at my weak areas where I could improve. And obviously, some big personal things happened that pushed me over the edge when it came to the partying and the drinking and the likes. But still, I wasn’t doing anything to try and get better mentally,”

The firing in 2014 was exactly the kick up the arse he needed to finally take responsibility for his actions and improve in the ring and in life. He was released alongside other former WWE stars like Jinder Mahal and Brodus Clay, but none of them wrestled like a man possessed on the independent scene quite like McIntyre did.

He impressed so much, especially with his work with ICW and TNA, that he earned a contact with the WWE once again.

He re-signed for the WWE in 2017 with a new goal – to become the first ever British WWE Champion. After a spell in NXT, he achieved his dream when he defeated Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 37, although the event was soured by the pandemic forcing zero fans to be in attendance for the historic occasion.

He most recently main evented the first British WWE stadium show in 30 years. He faced Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in Cardiff, Wales, in the last match at Clash at the Castle. He lost the match thanks to the debut of Solo Sikoa, but sent the crowd home happy with a sing-a-long with Tyson Fury after the show was over.

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