Is Karl Anderson Related To Arn Anderson?

Karl Anderson recently passed through the Forbidden Door, wrestling for WWE and NJPW in the same year.

He rejoined WWE earlier last year while the NEVER Openweight Champion, and returning to Japan to defend the title on multiple occasions.

He lost the NEVER Openweight Championship at Wrestle Kingdom 17. Karl Anderson lost the match to Tama Tonga to put his career in Japan to an end and return to WWE full time.

With his last name, many fans have wondered if Karl Anderson has any relation to any other former WWE stars. The most famous “Anderson” in wrestling is former Four Horseman’ Arn Anderson.

But is Karl Anderson related to Arn Anderson?

Karl Anderson is not related to Arn Anderson in real life, but in storyline he is actually a distant relative of the famous wrestling family.

His real name is not Karl Anderson and he has no relation to Arn Anderson. However, when he was training he was noted as having a similar wrestling style to the WWE Hall of Famer.

Because of this, he was given the surname Anderson. If people believed he was a cousin of the Anderson family, they could maybe sell a few more tickets to the event.

However, Karl Anderson has distanced himself from the family and has never claimed to be related to Arn.

Karl Anderson currently wrestles in WWE, alongside his tag team partner Luke Gallows. He recently wrestled at Wrestle Kingdom 17 in New Japan Pro Wrestling, whilst still signed to the WWE.

He now wrestles full time in WWE, recently reforming the Bullet Club on a house show with Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was previously managed by Arn Anderson in AEW, adding an interesting connection between the two that is entirely coincidental.

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