Kofi Kingston Vs Undertaker – The Greatest Copypasta In WWE History

Hamish Woodward

Kofi Kingston vs The Undertaker was a feud that sadly never occurred in the WWE. The two stars wrestled on occasions, bur never in a storyline that pitted them against one another.

However, one unknown internet user had an incredibly bad idea for a feud between the two that involved masked men, Michelle McCool and eating a baby, disguised as lasagna.

Book it, Vince.

Undertaker vs Kofi Kingston

The origins of the copypasta are unknown, although it is likely it originated around 2009. At this point, Kingston was looking to move into a main event spot and had some momentum.

It was also coming to the end of The Undertaker’s run in the WWE as a full-time wrestler. After being buried alive by Kane in 2010, he would only wrestle at WrestleMania for a number of years.

The pair were both on Smackdown at the time, making it the perfect opportunity to book a main event Kofi Kingston vs The Undertaker feud.

However, the idea the unknown user gave was ridiculous. It involved Kofi Kingston hitting a Trouble In Paradise into the womb of Michelle McCool, who is pregnant with The Undertaker’s baby.

In storyline, The Deadman had never been acknowledged to be married to McCool, so this would have come out of left field. The kick was also set to kill the unborn child, which is not a particularly “good guy” thing for Kingston to do.

Then, as you’d expect, Kofi Kingston is the caterer at the funeral for the unborn child. He then serves the fetus to The Undertaker and Michelle McCool, in one of the most insane things in wrestling history.

i think Michelle mccool should come back and say that shes having the undertackers baby and then kofi gets mad because they used to date (not the undertaker lol!!!) and then a masked man trouble in paradises her belly and she has a miscarrige and everybody is like WHO DID IT???? after the funeral there all eating and michelle is like this is so good! and kofi says ya i cooked it and she says what is it and he says YOUR BABY and then the undertaker says OK NOW YOU WILL REST IN PEACE AT WM!!!! and then kofi beats him at wm! i think this would be good cuz it shows kofi is badass and hes the future of the company.

Given that the pair had very little reason to feud in the WWE, it seems a slight reach to think Kingston would commit murder and feed the baby to its parents to kick off a feud.

If it was late in the rivalry and both men had continued to up the ante, and commit more and more heinous crimes upon one another, then at least the escalation would make sense.

Instead, Kofi Kingston went straight to 11 and committed murder to start a wrestling feud. That would have been absolutely mental.

And amazing. Frankly, if they booked this now, I’d watch this The Undertaker vs Kofi Kingston feud. I just think it’d show he’s the future of the company.

Although we still don’t know who the masked man hitting Michelle McCool’s belly with the Trouble In Paradise was.

You can also click below to listen to “Good Ol’ Jr” Jim Ross reading out the incredible Undertaker vs Kofi Kingston copypasta.


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