Six Locations For International WWE PLE’s Considered For Future Shows

Hamish Woodward

WWE has begun to spread its wings away from North America in recent years. While the US (and occasionally Canada) were the home of WWE PLE’s (formerly PPV’s), since Triple H took over the chair in 2022, they have begun to allow fans all over the world to see all the top stars in the biggest events.

Starting with Clash at the Castle in Wales in 2022, WWE have begun to craft shows specifically for the nation they are visiting, to fantastic success from the local fans. They showed how much success they could have on the road with their Saudi Arabia shows, with subsequent shows in Wales, England and Puerto Rico being some of the finest shows they put on in these past two years.

We’ve located six more countries that could play host to a WWE PPV in the future, with thousands of International fans eager to see what is next in store for WWE on their travels.


WWE recently announced their first ever PLE taking place in mainland Europe, with Bash in Berlin being broadcast live from Germany. The show was announced to take place in Munich, Germany on August 31st, 2024, marking the first time the WWE have brought a PLE to Germany in their history.

WCW held Millennium Final in Germany in 2000, but this is a not-so-fondly remembered show. The company booked the German wrestler Alex Wright to wrestle three times on the show, despite him not being a big star in the company at that time.

Bash in Berlin will be a much bigger deal for European fans of the WWE. It is expected that Gunther will be the main event of the show, likely defending the World Heavyweight Championship (that we predict he will win at WrestleMania 40) in the main event of the show, although his opponent for that match is unknown.


While WWE have already announced their debut pay per view in Germany, there are rumors that France could be the next country to host their first ever big event. This time, the show would take place in Paris, with the French capital being chosen internally as the next International host by the WWE.

Backlash 2024 is set to be France’s first foray into hosting a WWE PLE. The country has a long and storied history of professional wrestling. The French Angel inspired the movie Shrek, while Grenoble-born Andre The Giant transcended wrestling itself, with his legacy untouchable in the wrestling world.

While there is very little French representation in the WWE today, the French-speaking Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn would be the ideal pair to speak to the crowd during this match, while European star Gunther would be the perfect person to main event the show – like Bash in Berlin, with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

“some internal schedules in the company also have WWE Backlash listed for Paris, France in Spring of 2024.” reported Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful Select, which adds some legitimacy to the rumors of WWE’s debut in France.


Despite having a number of stars from Japan in their company in recent years, WWE has neglected to put on a proper PLE in The Land of the Rising Sun. Outside of a house show that was broadcast on the WWE Network (the much loved Beast in the East), the company has been hesitant to broadcast much from Japan, outside of an episode of Raw nearly two-decades ago.

With wrestlers who are popular in Japan, like Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura, the company could put on a great show in front of a very different crowd than they are used to. Japanese fans are traditionally very quiet during matches, but can get incredibly loud if they feel the action in the ring warrants it.

This could be a touch change to deal with for some wrestlers, but will make for a very interesting atmosphere for a Japanese WWE PLE. With rumors of WWE attempting to set up their own company in Japan, this show could come sooner than you think.


WWE boasts a huge fan base in India, despite the abject failure of Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion. With millions of fans all across the country, they had no trouble selling tens of thousands of tickets for a house show earlier this year. They should have trouble filling out a main roster PLE, possibly even filling one of their huge cricket stadiums.

Wrestlers like Roman Reigns and John Cena are beyond popular in India, with images of them plastered over t-shirts and billboards (maybe no officially licensed) everywhere you go. If WWE book them on the Indian PLE, then the show is bound to be a huge success, based on any metic.


Ever since the cancellation of the 2020 NXT UK Takeover event in Dublin, Irish fans have been dying for WWE to bring the live PLE experience to the Emerald Isle. Fans were denied the chance to see WALTER defend his United Kingdom Championship against Finn Balor at the event, so appearances by all the Irish stars would be needed to make up for missing out on that bout.

A PLE in Dublin would be ideal not just for Irish fans, but British ones too. Travel to Ireland from the UK, via Ferry or Flight, is very convenient, although the lack of hotel space and extortionate prices could put some fans off travelling. However, Dublin would provide a fantastic atmosphere from a rabid fan base.

With huge stars, like Becky Lynch, Sheamus and Finn Balor, hailing from Ireland, it is the perfect time to bring an International WWE PLE to Ireland. Appearances from Irish legends like Finlay (who is from Northern Ireland) would give fans a moment for a huge pop, and add to a potential incredible night of wrestling.

South Africa

WWE has never had a PPV in Africa, so would make history if they decided their next International PLE would take place in South Africa. A show in one of the big cities, like Johannesburg or Cape Town, would be a fitting place to hold a historic event for its millions of African fans.

The event could be a celebration of Africa as a whole, and give the opportunity for a number of wrestlers of African origin to star on their home continent for the first time. Wrestlers like Kofi Kingston and Omos would be welcomed back as heroes for this show, if WWE does decide to bring a PLE to Africa.

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