Alex Wright Is Perfect For Bash In Berlin Appearance After Puerto Rico PLE Success

Hamish Woodward

One of the biggest pops in WWE this year was the surprise return of Carlito at Backlash 2023. The event was held in his home territory of Puerto Rico, with a rabid crowd popping huge for the appearance of one of the greatest Puerto Rican wrestlers during the Bad Bunny vs Damian Priest match.

WWE seem to be focusing on the hometown hero for the International WWE PLE’s, and I expect Germany to be no exception. In Saudi Arabia, Mansoor received the only push he ever got in the WWE (prior to his release, that is). Bad Bunny was the star of the show when Backlash came to Puerto Rico, while Drew McIntyre battled for years to get a PPV in Great Britain, which he main evented against Roman Reigns.

However, they have also brought in stars that popped the crowd, although maybe weren’t wrestling big matches on the show. Clash at the Castle saw Adrien Street appearing at ringside, while Puerto Rico saw the aforementioned return of Carlito. It is likely Bash in Berlin in Germany will have a similar structure, with one name that immediately stands out as the German wrestlers returning to wrestling – WCW legend Alex Wright.

Alex Wright Could Appear At WWE Bash In Berlin

Alex Wright is probably the most famous German wrestler, having been a notable part of WCW during the height of the Attitude Era. Wrestling both under his real name and Berlyn, the German superstar was touted as the future of wrestling at one point. He was in his early 20s in his WCW run, with his dancing eurotechno gimmick being a fan-favorite in Europe.

After WCW folded in 2001, WWE did not pick up Alex Wright’s contract. He was being paid by AOL Time Warner, meaning that he was getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to just sit at home – a figure that WWE were not able to match. He never actually joined the WWE, falling out of love with wrestling after the closure of WWE, and wrestling his last match in 2003 before announcing his retirement.

That match was his first match since WCW went out of business, and put a nice bookend to his career. Alex Wright then formed his own company (New European Championship Wrestling, which operates out of Germany), keeping him in the wrestling business. While he has never wrestled for the WWE, they now own his entire career (by buying WCW’s tape library), which could prompt them to bring him in for a one-time only appearance at Bash in Berlin (just like Savio Vega had in Puerto Rico).

I know I mention Savio Vega a lot, but his return at Backlash 2023 in Puerto Rico was really cool.

While Alex Wright has stayed away from wrestling for the past 20-years, he is still fondly remembered by fans of WCW. He was in his early-20s during his peak in WCW, and seemed certain to become one of the top wrestlers in the industry. However, with how badly WCW was run, very few wrestlers managed to earn a push alongside the top stars, leaving wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Steve Austin to leave for the WWF at their peak.

Despite wrestling his last match 20-years ago, Alex Wright is still only 48, and in good shape. He could definitely be involved in a run in at Bash in Berlin, maybe helping Gunther or Imperium to a victory in his home country, becoming an honorary member of the group (again, like Savio Vega in the LWO). It would be a feel-good moment for Wright, and for the German fans who have lacked a big star coming from their country since the legendary Karl Gotch.

Would you like to see Alex Wright appearing for his WWE debut at Bash in Berlin? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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