How do you turn on blood in WWE 2K22 revealed

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wwe 2k22 how to turn on blood

WWE 2K22 is the latest addition to the WWE 2K franchise. For the first time in nearly three years you can compete with your friends or online with all your favourite WWE superstars and iconic legends in the world of WWE.

One thing you may find missing (or want to turn off) is blood in WWE 2K22. In WWE 2K22, blood is turned off by default and required to be activated if you want the authentic WWE experience when fighting against stars like Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton.

Also, you may want to turn off blood in WWE 2K22. Maybe you’ve activated it already and want your young children to play, but don’t want to see them see their favourite WWE superstars bleeding, then we have the guide for you.

Keep reading to see how to turn on blood in WWE 2K22, and how to turn off blood in WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 Turn on blood

To turn off blood in WWE 2K22, you need to go options and click the toggle for blood to “on”. This will turn on blood and will allow your wrestlers to be able to bleed in the ring, when hit with weapons like chairs.

The three easy steps to turning blood on and off in WWE 2K22 are as follows;

  1. Press R1 (PS5)/RB (Xbox) until you get to the “options” menu in WWE 2K22.
  2. In the options menu in WWE 2K22, click X (PS5)/A (Xbox) into the “gameplay” icon to enter the gameplay menu
  3. In the gameplay menu, scroll down with control stick until you see the option for “blood”. Using the control stick, toggle “on” or “off” for blood, to turn blood on or off for use in WWE 2K22.

This guide can be used to turn on blood in WWE 2K22, and if you later want to turn blood off again you can follow the exact same steps.

Using blood in WWE 2K22 will not affect gameplay at all and you can still do all your favourite moves with all your favourite wrestlers and the only difference is they will not bleed when they are sufficiently injured.

In the gameplay options menu, there are many other different settings you can tweak to make WWE 2K22 even more enjoyable to play. You can change the controls, add tips when wrestling and even add subtitles among many other things to make the game more accessible and enjoyable.

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