Alexa Bliss reveals new tattoo that has impressed fans

Hamish Woodward

alexa bliss tattoo

Alexa Bliss has revealed her new tattoo that she has got this past week, adding to her growing collection of body art that has wowed WWE fans.

The “Goddess” of WWE has a number of tattoos already, although many of them are skin coloured tattoos that are easy to cover up. Most Alexa Bliss fans wont even know that she has as many tattoos as she actually does as she keeps them well hidden when she has to.

alexa bliss tattoo
Alexa Bliss showing off her skin-coloured body art

However, she has added a black ink tattoo onto her body recently, as she showed the world on a Twitter post.

Alexa Bliss Tattoos

The former WWE Women’s Champion married her now-husband Ryan Cabrera last month in a ceremony in California. She tied the knot with her new husband during some time off from WWE as she missed this years Wrestlemania.

She shared a snap of her new tattoo on a Twitter post alongside her Cabrera. In what appears to be just below her underarm, the WWE superstar showcased a black heart tattoo, with two heads drawn as cartoons inside the heart (also in black).

The two heads seem to represent Alexa Bliss and her husband, with the heart being representative of their love for each other.

In the same photo, Cabrera’s arm is also the focus of the scene, revealing he has the same tattoo inked on his hand, among other tattoos.

The wedding and accompany tattoo came during a crossroads in Alexa Bliss career. She has been out of action in WWE for many months, only recently returning to TV after Wrestlemania.

Bliss took a long hiatus from wrestling after being written off TV in September. She left WWE to recover from sinus surgery she had been putting off for a while, and although she was cleared for a while before her return, WWE had nothing for her creatively and left her at home, rather than on the road wrestling.

She had a showdown with Vince McMahon in recent weeks, telling the Chairman that she was unhappy with her creative direction. This came after her one-off return to WWE during Elimination Chamber 2022.

The Goddess is back on WWE, showing off Alexa Bliss’ new tattoo every week on WWE Monday Night Raw

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