TEW 2020 Cheat Codes Explained – All Cheat Codes Guide and Tutorial

The Total Extreme Wrestling series is one that has utilised cheat codes in an excellent way since it’s inception.

While a cheat code won’t help you get your company to the top of the mountain, they can help with a number of things in your TEW 2020 journey. There are 16 TEW 2020 cheat codes for you to use, each with varying effectiveness depending on the game type you are playing.

Sadly, one cheat code that was removed from TEW 2020 was the “shakeitup” cheat code. This code caused a random company to have a plane crash, killing a number of workers and causing a crisis amongst it’s roster.

This was a fun one, because it it happened to your company, gave you a new challenge. You had to build up the company from the ashes and try to make your promotion great again.

Here are the remaining cheat codes left in TEW 2020, and an explanation what effect they have in game

1. passport

The first of the TEW 2020 cheat codes is “passport” This cheat code enables all workers to be available to work in area in the world. This usually refers to younger stars who have yet to branch out from their home promotion (such as Young Lions in NJPW). While a useful cheat, the same effect can be done in the editor by turning off restricted areas.

2. themorethemerrier

The next cheat code makes it so that every company that is yet to open will suddenly be openly. This is only really useful when used with historical TEW 2020 mods.

For instance, in a mod like “Montreal Aftermath”, the creator may have scheduled promotions like TNA and AEW to open in the future. With this cheat code, they would open immediately and be part of the action in the attitude era.

3. sophie

The third of the TEW 2020 cheat codes is “sophie”. Putting “sophie” into the remote help text box changes all of your user talents to maximum.

Usually it would take thousand of shows to have your talents maxed so, so this is a great cheat to use if you want to just have some fun, booking some dream matches with a big company. It may however lose some of the fun if you’re going for a “local to global” save.

4. liftmeup

“liftmeup” is just a lesser version of the previous cheat code. This cheat gives the user one talent point, which I suppose could be useful if you only wanted to go up in one stat but not another. Other than that I can’t really see why you’d want to use it.

5. foggynoggin

This cheat code for TEW 2020 makes it so that all worker relationships are forgotten. This means that any friendships your game has cultivated will be lost, as will any worker tension.

Vince Russo and Jim Cornette will be able to work together, but Chuck Taylor and Trent will feel nothing for each other. This is again useful if your using the game as more of a sandbox, booking dream matches that we never got to see. To read more about dream matches, check out the Top 10 WWE Dream matches that never happened.

6. vivalarevolution

This next cheat is one that will really shake up your game world. By using “vivalarevolution”, all owners and bookers (but not the player, thankfully) all get removed from their positions. This means that companies like WWE and AEW have no owner or booker.

This means that someone like Vince McMahon, now free of WWE, can go take over NJPW. Or Vince Russo can return to WWE and take the reigns once again.

This could also lead to certain workers wanting to leave, if someone they do not like takes over where they are working.


The “companiesinneed” cheat is one that helps companies that are currently in debt.

I don’t believe there is any specific amount of money that it gives you, but in my experience it gives you enough money to get out of debt and then a little bit on top of that. Look at the screenshots below.

Here, the NWA is in dire straights, $10,000,000 in debt and almost certainly going under. However, once you enter the cheat code “companiesinneed” both the NWA and all the other companies in debt will look something like this.


This next cheat is useful if you are not looking to stay with one company long term. Using this cheat, your user characters reputation in game maxes out. Reputation affects how the rest of the game world views you as a booker.

This means that with max reputation, you are more likely to get accepted for jobs you are applying for, such as the booker position in a large company like WWE. In addition, it gives you more money if you elected to start your own company.

The higher the reputation, you can start a company with more money and more popularity right from the off.


This cheat is one for the fans of Jeff Hardy. I can’t go a week in my 2010 TNA save without him getting popped for drug use. Luckily, “cleanslate” wipes all drug addictions from all the workers.

This means that anybody with a drug addictionnb , even those who are reformed like Shawn Michaels or Sting, no longer have any troubles with drugs or alcohol in the game.

This means the likes of Jeff Hardy wont get popped for drugs every week, and you wont have to suffer through another “Victory Road 2011” incident again.


The “allseeingi” cheat allows you to view all the hidden attributes workers have in the game. Hidden attributes are just like the ones you can see on your workers profile.

Except, while the visible ones may be things like “can work heel” or “performs well in comedy matches”, hidden attributes are different.

The previously mentioned “drugs user” attribute is one that becomes visible. It is useful so you can see if the worker you are looking to hire is going to be reliable for you to push going forward.

In addition, you can also see other attributes, like the hilariously named “that doesn’t work for me, brother”. Named after the famous Hulk Hogan quote, that attribute means that the worker will never offer to put anybody over, and will likely refuse if asked. Remind you of anyone?

Check out my article on Top 10 matches that never happened but should have

11. uwillrespectme

This TEW 2020 Cheat code is a simple one. It unlocks the “motivational speech” option. These can take place before a show, and can serve to boost the morale of your workers before an event and help convince your workers to try their hardest for you.

This should improve their performance and make for a better show for everyone. Think Paul Heyman giving a rousing speech to the ECW locker room before a big show.

12. uwillfearme

This cheat is very, very similar to the previous one. However, this one unlocks the “Psycho Sermon” feature.

Like the motivational speech, psycho sermon can be performed before an event, and motivated your workers to perform better.

However, this is done by intimidating them, and yelling at them, threatening them. Whatever it takes to get a good performance out of your roster of losers.

13. jobreview

This cheat only has any effect if you are working as a “booker” rather than an “owner”. If you are booking a company, using this cheat will change your “Owner Approval Rating” to excellent.

This puts you at zero risk of being fired, so would be a good cheat to use if you have been failing your owner goals but still want to carry on as booker of the company.

14. evenplayingfield

evenplayingfield gives every company in your gameworld $25 million in the bank. Yes you’ve read that correctly. Be prepared for utter chaos, as you’re outbid on every worker under the sun as you try to build a roster of overpaid, untalented hacks as you watch all your favourites get snatched up on ridiculous money.

Very fun to use on the “War of the Immortals” mod, and to see the absolute carnage that happens with the intercompany wars.

15. brainswap

Brainswap is a fun one if you’re just doing a fun, silly game. It randomises all worker personalities. It makes the game world really random, and can make some hilarious situations.

Stuff like Hornswoggle having the “doesn’t work for me, brother” personality type, and having to book him on a long winning streak before he finally decides somebody is good enough to beat him.

Or the game making CM Punk a heavy drug user and forcing you to change you “Straight Edge Saviour” storyline whilst in the midst of a year long title run.

16. empleh

The final of the TEW 2020 cheat codes is a very simple one. It’s the cheat code that shows you what the rest of the cheat codes above are in the game, with a short description of what they do. The code is also, very cleverly, “help me” backwards, in case you need help remembering.

So that is all of the TEW 2020 cheat codes. If there’s any more TEW 2020 guides and tutorials you like to see please leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see.

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