TEW 2020 How to Install Mods – Installing Real World Mods

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The comprehensive guide on how to install more on TEW 2020

In TEW 2020, when you load up the game for the first time, you may be shocked. The wrestling companies to choose from look unfamiliar.

All your favourite wrestlers have been replaced by so many stars you recognise. But no worry, we can get you running WWE, AEW or any other company you want to in no time! Keep reading for my TEW 202O guide for how to install mods!

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TEW 2020 How to install mods

Finding your mod

The first step to installing your TEW 2020 mod is finding a mod you want to play. To do this, you’ll want to go to one of the websites that host these mods.

The GreyDogSoftware Forum is where a lot of mod makers post their work-in-progress and finished mods, but the site can be not the most user friendly.

Personally, when I look for mods, I go on to TEWDB.com, an easy to use and very clear website that hosts many fun and interesting TEW 202O mods.

When you get on to TEWDB, you may be confused as what to click. Go up to the top left corner, and hover over the button that says “Downloads”.

Then, hover over “TEW 2020” and click the button that says “TEW 2020 mods”, as shown below.

Once you click that, you’ll get to a page which will give you three options.

  • TEW 2020 Real World Mods – Mods that are based on real life scenarios – For Example, it could be a mod based on wrestling today, or a Ruthless Aggression mod based in 2004. All the wrestlers and companies in the mod are real and focus on being as close to real life as possible.
  • TEW 2020 Fantasy Real Mods – This is mods that are based on real world wrestling, but have some differences. For example, one fantasy real mod is WCW Lives, an alternate reality where WCW never died in 2001, and you can run WCW and try to beat WWE. Another is the famous War of the Immortals, where every wrestler is available in their primes and you can fantasy book to you hearts content.
  • TEW 2020 Fantasy World Mods – This is a section I am not familiar with. It involved things far removed from wrestling, and not related to real wrestling. For example, this could be a mod where all the wrestlers are replaced with superheroes, or some TV characters.

I clicked on TEW 2020 Real World mods, as shown below

Once you click the Real World Mods link you will come to this screen, showing you all of the mods available to you on TEWDB.

Click one which you think is the most appealing to you. I will be clicking “The Who 87” real world update.

TheWho mods are notoriously difficult, as he rates stats lower than other mod makers. On the flip side, his mods are so in depth that every wrestler you can imagine is on the mod. For a full in depth playthrough, there’s no one better.

Downloading your mod

Once you click on that, it was take you to the mod screen. Here you will click the download button on the bottom left to download a zip file containing the database for the mod. That screen is shown below.

You will need to use a program to unzip the fil, like WinRar or Winzip. Once you’ve extracted the folder containing the mod, you’ll need to add it to the game directory.

Finding the TEW 2020 folder

To find the directory for the TEW 2020, you’ll want to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\GDS\TEW2020. In this folder you’ll find a few different folders, so click the one that says “Database”.

Once inside the database folder, simply copy and paste the folder you just downloaded wholly into the database folder.

This will automatically install it into the TEW 2020 game, and your game will be available to play as soon as you open the game, once you select the correct database.

Selecting the Database

Open up TEW 2020 (Make sure “as an administrator”) and it will open up to the home menu. Once there, click the button that says “DB” on the left hand side to open up the database menu.

Once in the database menu, simply select the database you’ve just downloaded from your list of mods.

You simply click the database which you want to play. Once that is selected, simply click the plus arrow on the home menu left hand side to start the set up for your game.

Thank you for reading my TEW 2020 how to install mods guide.

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