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We’ve all been there. We’ve planning to give our aging star one last title run. You’ve had him win the tournament to earn the title shot, and you’ve planned his 6 month title run down to a tee. You get to the pay per view, and get that dreaded message. “Worker is set to retire in 3 months”. They’ve suddenly derailed your whole plan, and now your stuck with Dolph Ziggler as champion for the next year. But luckily, in TEW 2020, there are ways how to stop workers from retiring. Also, ways to bring them back from retirement.

Talk to Worker

One of the simplest things to do, and a new addition to the 2020 version of TEW. One way how to stop a worker retiring in TEW is simply to ask them to not retire.

First, you need to chose your retiring superstar. In this instance, I’m choosing “The Icon” Sting. Click on his name in your roster screen, and click onto the “Talk to Worker” Button.

Once you’ve clicked on “Talk to worker”, a number of options should pop up to you. If it makes it easier, click onto the “career” tab.

On the “Career” tab, keep an eye out for the option which says “I would like you to reconsider your upcoming retirement”. Click it, and hopefully the worker will agree and delay his retirement.

Now, hopefully the wrestler in question, in this case Sting, agrees and puts off their retirement for the foreseeable future. Sometimes though, they may be stubborn and refuse to put off their retirement for more than three months.

In this case, you may think that all is lost. However, there some tricks you can do to help persuade them to keep wrestling for you for another year, or potentially more.

Editing their Physical Health

One reason why a worker may be hesitant to continue their career is due to their “Physical Health”. Think of it like Paige retiring due to her back being in awful condition, or Daniel Bryan retiring due to concussions. Workers have physical condition stats for their Head, Body, Arms and Legs. These stats are out of 100, and are hidden from the user in normal play. Luckily, we can use the editor to view and change these stats.

First things first, open the editor and find the worker who you want to unretire.

Next, find the “Physical Health” section of the worker profile.

See how low his stats are? 42 is obscenely low, ideally you’d want someone in the high 80s, low 90s to be able to pull out their best work.

On this screen, you can simply highlight the numbers and replace them by typing in a new rating. In this instance, I’ll be giving him 100 across the board, to give him the best chance of accepting to postpone his retirement.

Now, his Physical health is at 100. Sting has never felt this good in his entire life. He has a much better chance of accepting now if you ask him about retiring. This is a good way how to stop workers retiring in TEW 2020.

However, he still may say no. He may be hell bent on hanging up his boots and living off the fat of the land, growing alfalfa. But, nobody says no to you, Mr Booker! There is one more thing you can do to try and coax him to stay in your main roster.

Personality Attributes – Desperado and Wrestling in their Blood

The one more thing you can do to try and convince your worker to forgo retirement for a life of pain and suffering in the ring is by utilising a new feature in TEW 2020 – Personality attributes.

Attributes are a new concept by Adam Ryland, to try and add even more diverse personalities to it’s workers. I will have a guide on all the personalities soon, so sit tight on that one.

The one I shall be focusing on is the Wrestling in their blood attribute. The games description is informative and succinct on the effect of this attribute.

“Wrestling in their blood – The Worker eats, sleeps and breaths professional wrestling – they will never retire from the business not matter how old they get”.

Now this does sound ideal. The worker will never retire from the business, no matter how over the hill they are. However, they still may retire from the ring, and thus carry on as a road agent or commentator until they die. If you mix this with the Desperado attribute, the workers in ring career will last as long as humanly possible.

“Desperado – Unless forced to by injury, the worker will not retire until they are very old”. This attribute, named and inspired by the legendary Terry Funk, mixed with the previously mentioned one, will give you the best chance of keeping your worker on the road and taking bumps.

A third attribute, “Can’t stay away” is also a good option. This is for when your worker has already retired. It makes the worker more likely to come out of retirement went asked, and is a good idea if you’re looking to book a Saudi Arabia type-show with many legends coming back for one last payday.

To find these attributes, simply go to the worker on the editor again, and find the “Attributes” tab.

In the attribute page, go to the “Misc” button, and in the list of names, simply search for Desparo and Wresting in their blood. Enjoy more years of Sting breaking his neck every time he steps in the ring!

Thanks for reading my guide of TEW 2020 How to stop workers retiring. If you’d like to see anymore guides or have any questions about the game, comment below!

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  1. if you have somebody on a long term contract in which the contract is for non wrestling roles,(brisco and patterson as an example) is there a way to book them in a match?. They’ve both agreed to come out of a retirement for another run but that doesn’t seem to help as the contracts prevents them from wrestling.

    • Hi Andy,
      I don’t believe you can edit somebodies contract using the in-game editor. I think the best thing you could do is edit their contract length to be less than 30 days and offer them a new one tat doesn’t forbid them from wrestling


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