Why CM Punk will Debut at AEW The First Dance

In the middle of Dynamite this week, AEW announced a huge new show. Taking place on August 20th, AEW Rampage will be broadcast live from the United Centre, in Chicago, Illinois. With over 20,000 seats, it will be one of the biggest AEW shows of all time. With tickets already sold out for the New York show, AEW Grand Slam, in September, things are looking bright for AEW.

CM Punk to AEW Rumours

CM Punk has been rumoured to be signing for AEW for some time. The rumours have been swirling ever since AEW’s debut, but CM Punk rumours have surfaced once again. This time, however, they are more concrete than ever. Tony Khan, when asked if he’d signed the Straight Edge Superstar, simply answered that he had “No Comment”.

Fans at AEW Dynamite have been heard chanting CM Punk’s name, excited for his rumoured debut. Punk was rumoured to be debuting at the All Out show in Chicago on September 5th, but with the recent announcement, could be moved earlier.

CM Punk to Debut at AEW Rampage?

The stage seems set for a CM Punk Debut at the August 20th AEW Rampage Show. The show, entitled AEW: The First Dance, is set to take place at the 25,000 seater arena called the United Centre. The important part of the location is the city.


The hometown of the “Voice of the Voiceless”, CM Punk. It has been 7 years since CM Punk walked out of the Consol Energy Centre in Pittsburgh, and left wrestling seemingly for good. With fans constantly pining for his return, a hometown return would be fitting for a Hall of fame calibre talent like Punk.

CM Punk debuting at this show would be a huge deal for AEW. The anticipation for Punk’s debut is unbearable, with fans dying to see their fallen hero once again. With AEW basically confirming Punk’s signing with the rumours and Tony Khan’s comments, fans will tune in just to see a glimpse of CM Punk.

Feud with Darby Allin

Based on last weeks AEW Dynamite, Punk looks to be wrestling his first match in 7 years against Darby Allin.

On Dynamite, Tony Khan announced the show to a loud crowd reaction. They camera zoomed in on the whole arena chanting “CM PUNK” in unison. Hardly an accident. Next, it cut to a pre-taped interview with Darby Allin, who said he wanted to face the best in Chicago. He then finished it off with one of CM Punk’s catchphrases. “Even if you think you’re the Best in the World“.

This tease all but confirmed Punk’s signing with All Elite Wrestling. And it has been made abundantly clear CM Punk is debuting at AEW The First Dance in Chicago. I for one cannot wait, and eagerly await the return of CM Punk.

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