WWE Paige return: Miraculous return to wrestling in 2022?

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Could we see a WWE Paige return in 2022? Will the former Divas champion come out of retirement after years out of the ring?

The Diva’s revolution of 2014 helped turn the women in WWE from the toilet break to the main event. They had unfairly been held down by the likes of Vince McMahon and relegated simply to eye candy. One of the women who helped usher in the Era of Women’s Wrestling in WWE was Paige, but could we see a WWE Paige return in 2022?

WWE Paige Return

Wwe Paige return

Paige is an English former wrestler. She is part of the infamous Knight family, who are famous in the Norwich area for their family wrestling promotion. However, she became famous worldwide in WWE, where she helped herald in a new era for women’s wrestling.

She is a former NXT Women’s champions, and her matches with the likes of Emma and Sasha Banks in NXT helped fans see a new style of women’s wrestling. During her reign, women were seen on par with the men, and not just a side attraction.

The NXT Women’s Championship was a title she never actually lost. In fact, she was a double champion for a time. She debuted on Monday Night Raw the night after Wrestlemania 30, and defeated AJ Lee for the WWE Diva’s Championship on her first night on the main roster. She also had some matches again WWE Hall of Famer’s The Bella Twins.

Sadly for Paige, just three years later she would suffer a neck injury against Sasha Banks that put the English star out of action. Paige already suffered from scoliosis, so the injury affected her greatly. She wouldn’t wrestle again, and instead Paige returned to WWE to manage her Absolution team mates Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.

She announced her retirement the night after Wrestlemania 34, ending her wrestling career at the age of just 25.

Will Paige come back to WWE?

However, in recent years WWE have seen some of their biggest stars come out of retirement from career ending injuries. Daniel Bryan was forced to retire in 2015 due to brain injuries, but was cleared and returned to wrestle again in 2018 at Wrestlemania 34. It was the same Wrestlemania that Paige was on commentary for, and the night before she retired for good from in-ring action.

Another instance, and one more inspiring for Paige, was the return of Edge to WWE. In 2011 he was forced to retire due to neck injuries, which is what caused Paige to be forced out of in-ring action. However, Edge made a miraculous return to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble. It was one of the best returns in history, and since then Edge has produced some of best matches of his career.

With Edge’s returning seeming impossible, it gives hope that a WWE Paige return may one day be a possibility. Whether or not Paige will return to wrestle in WWE, or outside of it, remains to be seen.

Paige returning to WWE?

Back in February, the WWE on Fox twitter account a picture of Daniel Bryan and Edge together. Paige commented on the photo, saying “One day” and a crossed fingers emoji. This was a clear wish by her to one day return to the ring, as these two men did. This hinged at a potential WWE Paige return one day.


If that wasn’t enough, she also said as much when she appeared on Renee Paquette’s podcast. Renee Pacquette was a former backstage personality in WWE, and had a large part in the reality show “Total Divas”. She is also married to former WWE and AEW Champion Jon Moxley.

On Paquette’s podcast “Oral Sessions”, Paige made several statements in which she expressed her wishes to return to the ring.

“It feels good and, honestly, it actually scares me as well to maybe come back to wrestling because I really want to and I would come back tomorrow but I’m always gonna have in the back of my head, like what if something happens and I do get paralysed?”

“So it does scare me. I know I’m not gonna be fully ready mentally to come back, but watch out world! Because when I am mentally ready to come back, everyone’s in trouble!”

She has made many other statements regarding wanting to return to the ring, so only time will tell whether or not she is successful.

Would you like to see a WWE Paige return? Should Paige return to WWE despite her neck injuries? Let us know in the comments or click below to read more.

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