Finn Balor to AEW? Bullet Club founder is perfect fit for AEW

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finn balor aew

Since the dawn of All Elite Wrestling, a Finn Balor AEW debut has been dreamt about by wrestling fans. To see the Bullet Club founder reunited with former Bullet Club members like the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, and even current Bullet Club leader Jay White, would be the perfect fit for AEW.

Finn Balor, known as Prince Devitt in NJPW, is a former World Champion in WWE and a three time NXT Champion. He was the first ever Universal Champion, but was injured on the night of his title victory and only held the belt for a solitary day.

finn balor aew

Since then, Vince McMahon lost all trust in the Irishman, who has never held a world title since. Ringside news revealed that McMahon never really saw star potential in Finn Balor. However, they will not be releasing him from his contract until it expires, as a Finn Balor AEW run is more dangerous to the company than paying his million dollar a year deal.

“Vince never had faith in Balor. Even when he made him the first Universal Champion. Paul Heyman would feel much differently if he was still Executive Director of RAW. That being said, WWE has not released the first-ever Universal Champion. His contract isn’t cheap, but ‘even if he’s making a million a year, that’s not a lot of money by today’s standards”

Ringside News on Finn Balor in WWE

Finn Balor AEW

Finn Balor signing for AEW would be one of their biggest WWE signings ever. Finn Balor would open up a world of possibilities for the former Prince Devitt, who left NJPW in 2014 to sign for WWE. He formed Bullet Club in Japan, one of the most influential stables of all time.

The group has featured some all time great talents, including himself, AJ Styles, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Adam Page and Cody Rhodes. Without Finn Balor’s influence in Japan, it is likely that AEW never gets started and WWE is still the only wrestling promotion on national TV.

Some Finn Balor dream matches in AEW are clear. A battle with Kenny Omega, another former Bullet Club leader, seems obvious. The pair are two fantastic individuals in the ring, and would have a story built into the match due to their Bullet Club history. Even with Kenny Omega vertigo issues, he could still pull off a match of the year with Finn Balor in AEW.

Another Finn Balor AEW match that needs to happen is against the current Bullet Club leader. Finn Balor vs Jay White is a must in either AEW or NJPW. With Switchblade claiming that the current incarnation of Bullet Club is his “era”, a match against Balor for control over the stable would be a blockbuster match that could main event any show.

One match that Finn Balor should angle for in AEW is against Bryan Danielson. The Irish ace is a long time admirer of the American Dragon and the pair would put on an incredible fusion of Japanese and European styles in a match that could be unlike any other we’ve seen in AEW.

Will Finn Balor sign for AEW?

Whether we see Finn Balor to AEW is another matter. By all accounts, the former Universal Champion is happy in WWE. He is making good money and travelling the world alongside some of the top wrestlers in the world, and has shown no signs of discontent in WWE.

With details on Balor’s current WWE contract being hard to find, it is unknown when his deal with WWE will be up. He will also face hurdles being signed by AEW, as they currently have a glut of wrestlers currently signed to their roster.

Whether AEW can make room for Prince Devitt in their ranks remains to be seen. Whether his wage may be a hurdle or finding a place for him on the main show weekly, fitting in anymore talent into a jam-packed show like AEW Dynamite will be a tricky thing for anyone, even Finn Balor in AEW.

Finn Balor was seen a favourite of Triple H. The former NXT Boss was big on Balor, and pushed for him big in NXT and the main roster. With the Game now gone from WWE management due to health issues, no one is batting for Balor and that could cause his departure from WWE, and we’ll see Finn Balor in AEW soon.

What do you think of the Finn Balor AEW rumours? Should Tony Khan try to sign Finn Balor for AEW and start a feud with Jay White and Bullet Club? Let us know in the comments or click Next Article to read more.

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