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TEW 2020 is one of the premier professional wrestling booking games, although the user interface can be confusing for new players who aren’t quite familiar with how the game runs.

One of the most common problems people face in the game is how to fire workers. While it may seem difficult to figure out at first, it will be very simple and seem almost second nature once you figure it out.

Here is my guide on how to fire/release your workers in TEW 2020. It is just one of my TEW 2020 guide I have written.

How to fire workers in TEW 2020

Booking simulator TEW 2020 came out early last year and easily became the best entry into the long running series by Adam Ryland.

The Wrestling booking game has been the best on the market all the way back into the Extreme Warfare Revenge days, and has only improved with every iteration that has been created.

One of the issues, however, is navigating the menu’s in the game after such a large overhaul as the 2020 edition had.

Ryland built the game from the ground up, and after some early teething has evolved the game into a great game to play for wrestling fans of any era!

One issue I found at the start of the game was firing workers. In the past, when you wanted to sack someone who was bringing your roster’s morale down, you’d simply click to view his contract, and terminate it. No fuss, easy as you like.

However, in the 2020 edition, that is a little trickier, and I will show you why now.

First thing you want to do is go to your roster page. You get here by clicking the “Roster” Button on the front page screen.

This takes you here;

See on the popularity section? Usually this would only show just that, but not this year. Click the arrow next to the word “Popularity”, and it will show you the wrestler’s contract.

Here you simply click the “Release” Button and there you have it! That is how you fire your workers in TEW 2020! Releasing workers in TEW 2020 is a lot less intuitive than in previous editions.

Be warned though, if you release someone on a written contract without due course, they may refuse or even sue you!

If they do successfully sue you, it can result in a multi-million dollar lawsuit that goes against you, and your company could be bankrupt, so be careful!

Hopefully this is just one thing that could be made better in a future edition of the game, with TEW 2024 rumoured to be the next iteration of the wrestling booking simulator.

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