WWE 2K22 Rey Mysterio 2K Showcase All Matches List

Hamish Woodward

WWE 2K22 has revealed Rey Mysterio as this years cover star and also as the star of this years 2K Showcase.

The WWE 2K22 2K Showcase mode lets the player relive a wrestlers career, showcasing all their greatest matches and moment to be replayed by the player in WWE 2K22. In previous years, the likes of John Cena, CM Punk, Steve Austin, Mark Henry and the WWE Diva’s have been the focus of the 2K Showcase, while this year it is based on the storied career of Rey Mysterio.

By playing each match and completing certain objectives, the player is able to unlock different items to be used in WWE 2K22. This includes classic arenas, wrestlers and even extra attires for certain wrestlers. Some wrestlers are only available to be played as once they are unlocked in the 2K Showcase mode. This makes it a must play mode in the WWE 2K series.

It has been revealed that 12 matches will be in the Rey Mysterio 2K Showcases. The Steve Austin “3:16” mode on WWE 2K16 has 29 matches for the player to complete, so we can assume there will be a similar number in WWE 2K22.

The first set of matches were announced as part of the WWE 2K22 showcase. Rey Mysterio himself revealed a few matches available in the mode during the WWE 2K22 press conference alongside Sam Roberts and Byron Saxton.

Whilst Kurt Angle is not confirmed to be in the game, he may still be part of the WWE 2K22 Rey Mysterio 2K Showcase. He may be added as DLC, like the Ultimate Warrior in WWE 2K14.

WWE 2K22 Rey Mysterio 2K Showcase

All Matches

  • 1. vs Eddie Guerrero – WCW Halloween Havoc 1997
  • 2. vs Eddie Guerrero – Wrestlemania 21
  • 3. vs Shawn Michaels – Monday Night Raw, November 14, 2005 (Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show)
  • 4. Royal Rumble Match – Royal Rumble 2006
  • 5. vs JBL – Judgement Day 2006
  • 6. vs Kane (No Holds Barred) – Cyber Sunday 2008
  • 7. vs Batista – Smackdown 2009
  • 8. vs The Undertaker – Royal Rumble 2010
  • 9. vs Dolph Ziggler – Summerslam 2009
  • 10. vs The Miz – Raw 2011
  • 11. vs Samoa Joe – Raw 2019
  • 12. vs Gran Metalik – Raw 2019
  • BONUS MATCH – vs Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy (with Dominik Mysterio) – Payback 2020

Matches that were left out

  1. vs Randy Orton and Kurt Angle – Wrestlemania XX
  2. Vs Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger – WCW Starrcade 1996
  3. vs Jon Cena – Raw 2011
  4. vs Seth Rollins (Eye for an Eye match) – Extreme Rules 2020
  5. vs Dean Malenko – WCW
  6. vs Psicosis – ECW

More matches will be added to the list of Rey Mysterio’s WWE 2K Showcase when they are confirmed to be in the game.

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