WWE 2K22: All Retro and Classic Arenas Confirmed

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In this article we have compiled every classic arena that has currently been confirmed to be a part of WWE 2K22. These arenas are the host of a number of classic matches featured in the Rey Mysterio showcase mode. WWE 2K22 has chosen Rey Mysterio as the focus of it’s main mode and looks at some of the biggest matches and moments throughout the luchador’s career.

This page will be updated as more classic arena’s are revealed so stay tuned for any updates released by WWE or the game developer.

WWE 2K22 Retro Arenas

Wrestlemania 21

Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero has been confirmed as a match as part of the WWE 2K22 Rey Mysterio showcase mode. The match was one of the favourite matches of Mysterio as he got to perform on the biggest stage with his best friend. It is likely that Eddie Guerrero’s attire will be available in this game once the completion of this match in the showcase mode.

Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show

Eddie Guerrero sadly passed away in 2005, and WWE held a tribute show for him on the Monday Night after his death. This edition of Monday Night Raw featured Rey Mysterio vs Shawn Michaels in a first time matchup, and the RAW arena from this time has been confirmed as a classic arena in WWE 2K22.

Royal Rumble 2010

At the 2010 Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio faced The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship. Whilst Mysterio was unsuccessful in this venture, the match was fondly remembered enough to have earned a place on the list of his showcase matches in WWE 2K22. As such, the 2010 Royal Rumble Arena will be selectable as a classic arena in normal play once unlocking it.

Wrestlemania 22

With the WWE 2k22 showcase featuring Rey Mysterio as the star, his crowning moment in WWE will be included in WWE 2K22. His World Heavyweight Championship victory in a triple threat against Kurt Angle and Randy Orton will be included in WWE 2K22 and the arena for Wrestlemania 22 will also be a part of it.

Starrcade 1996

The last arena confirmed for WWE 2K22 is the Starrcade 1996 arena. Rey Mysterio’s attire for that match has been confirmed, which makes it likely that his match against Jushin Liger will be a part of his showcase mode on the game. The match was a classic bout and one of the best matches of 1996 as two junior heavyweights of their respective countries took part in an incredible match.

With this confirmation it is likely that Jushin Liger, one of the best Japanese wrestlers of all time, will be a part of the WWE 2K22 legends roster.

2006 Royal Rumble

The home of Rey Mysterio’s famous Royal Rumble win will be a part of WWE 2K22. This arena was also home to the infamous JBL vs Boogeyman match, but is more famous for Mysterio coming in at number two and lasting over 60 minutes, winning the 2006 Royal Rumble.

This match will also be a part of the WWE 2K22 Rey Mysterio Showcase

Cyber Sunday 2008

It has been confirmed that Kane vs Rey Mysterio from Cyber Sunday 2008 will be included as part of the Rey Mysterio 2K Showcase. It was the last Cyber Sunday event and confirms the addition of Kane (2008) as part of the WWE 2K22 Legends Roster.

Summerslam 2009

Another match has been confirmed for the 2K22 Rey Mysterio showcase, and with it another classic arena. This WWE 2K22 Classic arena is the Summerslam 2009 Arena. The match in question is between Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio, who clashed for the Intercontinental Championship at the event.

Raw 2011

The RAW 2011 arena is the next WWE 2K22 Classic Arena to be announced for WWE 2K22. This arena played host to many memorable matches, but in this game the player will be able to play the WWE Championship match between Rey Mysterio and The Miz.

Rey Mysterio won the match and the WWE Championship, but would lose it later that night to John Cena. It is expected both matches will be part of the WWE 2K22 Rey Mysterio Showcase.

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