Undertaker WWE return set for Wrestlemania 38?

Could we see an Undertaker WWE return at Wrestlemania?

The Undertaker retired recently after a thirty year WWE career, putting an end to one of the greatest careers of all time, with no signs of an Undertaker WWE return in the near future.

Through that time, The Undertaker fought 25 times at Wrestlemania, amassing a streak of 21-0 before losing to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX. It has been called “The greatest winning streak in sport” by The 42, and eventually the Undertaker ended his Wrestlemania record at 23-2, with an additional loss to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 34.

The Undertaker announced his retirement during his five part documentary series “Undertaker: The Last Ride”. It was an emotional series that focused on the last years of Mark Calaway as he tried to let go of “The Undertaker” character. He was searching for one last match that he could say he was proud of and be done, which he found in his Boneyard match against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 36.

However, that match was a pre-recorded, cinematic style match, popularised by Matt and Jeff Hardy in the “Final Deletion” match in TNA. Fans were not allowed in the arena for the Undertaker’s farewell, and some have been calling for the Deadman to have one more match in front of a sold-out Wrestlemania crowd before he finally puts the Deadman to rest for good, where a Undertaker WWE return would be well and truly appreciated.

Undertaker WWE return

While the Undertaker has retired, he has never officially left the WWE. While he only wrestled once per year during the last few years with WWE, The Undertaker was signed continually throughout his WWE run. As such, he was never tempted by potential offers from the likes of TNA, ROH or NJPW. He was one of the most loyal wrestlers to WWE there ever was, and was rewarded with a constant main event spot.

He also recently signed a new deal with the WWE. In 2019, The Undertaker signed a monster 15 year deal with Vince McMahon’s WWE, making it the longest contract in WWE history. It surpassed in length even the 10 year contract signed by Bret Hart with the WWF in the 1990s. This was a multi-million dollar contract which would expect the Undertaker to continue with the WWE in a backstage capacity once he retired from the ring. Signing a deal for 10 years would mean the chance for an Undertaker WWE return.

But, the Undertaker is not returning to WWE because he never left. He has been the one constant alongside Vince McMahon in WWE since his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series, and will continue to be a star in WWE until his 15 year deal ends in 2034.

Will The Undertaker have one more match?

Many fans and wrestlers have said that they think the Undertaker will have one more match. Former WCW Champion Booker T doesn’t think that the Boneyard match was a proper send off for the legendary Deadman, and thinks that a farewell in front of the cheering fans is what the Undertaker deserves for his final match.

“That was a great way to go out (Boneyard match with AJ Styles), but just think about what we just saw at Money in the Bank.” Booker T said on his Hall of Fame podcast, “All of those people, all of those fans, giving you that perfect send-off, properly. That you will have literally archived throughout history and the annals of time. You think it’s not hard to see that and do that? I think we might see The Undertaker make that walk just one more time,” 

However, the man himself has spoken at length about the current state of his career. His “The Last Ride” documentary went into detail about how he was trying his best to let go of his in-ring career and his struggles with stepping outside the ring for good. However, he spoke even further at length during an interview with ET Online, and reiterated that the Undertaker will not have one more match in WWE.

My days in the ring are done. It’s not because I don’t want to be in the ring and that is where I spent most of my adult life. My whole life really. More than half my life has been spent in the sports entertainment ring. So in my mind, I can still see everything. In my heart, you know I want to be out there but it’s at a point where my body just can’t deliver and I don’t want to cheapen the legacy of that character. I’d hate for people to pay money to see me work and be disappointed.”

The Undertaker, ET Online

Will The Undertaker be at Wrestlemania?

undertaker wwe return

While the Undertaker will not wrestle at the upcoming Wrestlemania event, it is currently unknown whether or not he will be present. He has made limited appearances in WWE since his retirement, and may want to stay away from the business now that he has hung up his boots.

However, one reason that may bring him to the biggest show of the year is a potential Hall of Fame induction. No-one in WWE has had a hall of fame worthy career as legendary as the Undertaker’s, and the Deadman will surely headline the hall of fame class whenever he does decide to accept the honour from Vince McMahon.

Wrestlemania this year is being held in Texas, the home state of the Undertaker. If there was every a time to induct the Phenom, 2022 seems like as good a year as any. A chance to send him off as a hall of famer in front of friends and family in his own state seems like a picture perfect ending to the greatest WWE wrestler of all time.

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