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2024 Guide To NJPW For Beginners (New Japan Pro Wrestling)

For fans looking to get into New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2024, it may be difficult to know where to start. The Japanese style of wrestling is so different to that in the United States that the way to watch NJPW is completely different to companies like AEW or WWE…


Giant Ochiai Died During Fatal Training Session With Kenzo Suzuki

One of the most shocking and tragic wrestler deaths was the passing of Giant Ochiai … Read more

NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom Was Named After A Video Game

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest show of the year is called Wrestle Kingdom, and is … Read more

Shingo Tagaki Had To Shave His Head For Abusing A Monkey In Dragon Gate

In 2009, Japanese wrestling was shocked when the ritual abuse of a pet monkey was … Read more

Dave Meltzer Reported Fake Dragon Gate Information In Hoax Scandal

Ever since he began reporting on wrestling with the creation of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter … Read more

How To Watch Wrestle Kingdom 18 In The UK

Wrestle Kingdom 18 is the biggest show of the year for New Japan Pro Wrestling, … Read more

Greatest Gaijin Wrestlers In Japanese Wrestling History

In Japanese wrestling, the word “Gaijin” is used to describe any foreign wrestlers. The term … Read more


10 Antonio Inoki facts you will never believe are really true!

Antonio Inoki passed away in October 2022, ending the life of one of the greatest … Read more

Masahito Kakihara Inspired Japan As He Beat Cancer & Won At Wrestle Kingdom

At Wrestle Kingdom 12, Masahito Kakihara made a shock return to New Japan Pro Wrestling … Read more

Wrestle Kingdom 5 Star Ratings (Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings)

Wrestle Kingdom 5 was one of the most international-feeling events in the history of the … Read more

Wrestle Kingdom 4 Star Ratings (Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings)

Wrestle Kingdom 4 took place on January 4, 2010 in the Tokyo Dome. 41,500 fans … Read more

The Death of Hiromitsu Gompei Is Japan’s Darkest Secret

Hiromitsu Gompei was tragically killed in 1995 while training in the New Japan Dojo, in … Read more

The Dragon Gate Animal Abuse Scandal Turned The Company On Its Head

In 2009, Dragon Gate in Japan was rocked by the reveal of a horrendous animal … Read more

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