A New Progress Championship Belt Design Is Coming, Owner Claims

Progress Wrestling is creating new Championship Belts for its top champions, the company’s owner has recently revealed.

The company was one of the biggest companies in the UK at one time, with stars like Gunther, Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate all starring for the company at the peak of “BritWres”.

In 2018, they drew one of the biggest British crowds in wrestling history, cramming 5000 fans into Wembley Arena for their historic “Hello Wembley!” show.


However, the “Speaking Out” movement and the formation of NXT UK hampered their momentum (and British wrestling in general), killing their chance of going mainstread in the United Kingdom.

The company was bought by Lee McAteer in 2021, who has done his best to try and revive the company and return it to its former glory.

One way to help succeed is to redesign the Progress Wrestling Championship belts, which are considered some of the prettiest belts in wrestling today.

The Progress World Championship is one of the best looking belts today.

While speaking in an interview with “The Soul Sessions”, the Progress co-owner revealed that the company is introducing new title belts in the coming months.

However, they are still trying to keep the spirit of the previous titles, which were held by the likes of WALTER (Gunther in WWE), Pete Dunne and Cara Noir.

Speaking with The Soul Sessions, Lee McAteer said;

“I don’t think it’s that openly well known, but what we decided to do after the Spike Gervais vs Cara Noir steel cage match was we actually decided to retire that particular Championship belt.”

“That particular Championship is the one that was literally and physically held by the likes of Walter, now known as Gunther, Pete Dunne, and Cara Noir, of course. But the championship had seen better days, to be honest with you. So, we decided to make a better and more up-to-date version.”

“It’s still very similar but much more polished in terms of its appearance. We’ve got that now. We also had the opportunity to create some replicas of that Championship.”

“Additionally, we’re working on some new Tag Team Championships, which we will also offer as replicas. Furthermore, the Progress Women’s World Championship is something we’ll consider down the line.”

“I felt it was important to preserve the lineage of that particular look and championship belt because, in my opinion – and yes, I’m biased – I genuinely believe it’s one of the most beautiful Wrestling Championships in the world.”

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