Progress Wrestling Owners Says It’s “Not The End” For CM Punk

Hamish Woodward

Progress Wrestling’s owner has claimed that it’s “not the end” for CM Punk, following his disastrous firing from All Elite Wrestling.

The former AEW Champion had a fight backstage with Jack Perry and Tony Khan at Wembley Stadium, before going on to wrestle Samoa Joe in the opening match at All In London.

He was fired a week later, a day before AEW All Out took place in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

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It looks like this could be the end of CM Punk’s career, but Progress owner Lee McAteer hopes that this isn’t the last we see of CM Punk’s time in professional wrestling.

While speaking in an interview with “The Soul Sessions”, the Progress co-owner revealed that he had previously met up with Punk prior to him signing with AEW, and hopes that we can see more of the former WWE Champion in the future.

He also said that firing Punk was a “difficult decision”, due to his status as the biggest merchandise seller in all of wrestling in AEW.

Speaking with The Soul Sessions, Lee McAteer said:

“I think it’s always very sad when any talent departs any organization, and it must have been a very difficult decision for Tony, especially since my understanding was that Punk was the biggest merchandise seller.”

“I don’t know all the ins and outs, but I find it unfortunate that it has come to this point. However, it wouldn’t be right for me to comment in detail. I sincerely hope that the decision works out for everybody involved.”

“I was fortunate to hang out with Punk at Starrcast a few years ago, and I found him to be a really great guy. It was quite amusing because he was taking photos wearing an AJ Lee t-shirt, which I thought was more than amusing.”

“It was the first time Punk had done something like that, and I believe it was just before his surgery, if I remember correctly. It was the Starrcast before All In in Chicago, which Tony has now acquired as well.”

“I find the situation sad, and I genuinely hope that everybody finds some inner peace from it. On a personal level, I hope it’s not the end of Punk in wrestling because I think he stands for some really good things, especially when he tries to showcase transgender rights and other important issues.”

“That can only be a positive thing, trying to make the world a better place. I don’t know all the details, but as I said, I wish them both well, and I hope it all works out for both of them in the end.

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