Adam Cole Defeats Chris Jericho In Incredible Match

Hamish Woodward

In a fantastic Unsanctioned Match, Adam Cole destroyed Chris Jericho in an incredibly brutal match at Double or Nothing 2023.

The match began with Sabu and Chris Jericho duelling with chairs, before Sabu leapt from the top rope and through one of the Jericho Appreciation Society on the outside.

Adam Cole and Chris Jericho fought inside the ring, going straight for the punches as their feud raged on. Jericho ran head first through a chair early on in the match, setting the tone.

After being sprayed by a fire extinguisher, Jericho seemed injured when he dropped to his knee. However, he was playing possum, hitting a flash-Codebreaker and spraying Cole with the extinguisher instead.

Adam Cole’s girlfriend Britt Baker ran in during the match, attacking Chris Jericho with a Kendo Stick. Saraya then ran in to defend Jericho, put promptly ate a series of shots before being chased away.

A brutal-looking backstabber while he choked Jericho with a Kendo stick gave Adam Cole a near fall, as the crowd chanted for more tables.

A chair to the face knocked Cole through a table from the top rope, although the fall looked very dangerous for a man with a history of concussions.

Next, Chris Jericho brought out a chain and handcuffs. Jericho handcuffed Cole to the chain, attempting to tie him to the rope. However, Cole turned the tables, cuffing The Ocho and turning it into a chain match.

Cole won the bout when he hit the Boom on Jericho, before Aubrey Edwards ended the match as he laid punched into Le Champion, as the Canadian was unable to defend himself.

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