Orange Cassidy Puts on Incredible Performance In Title Defence

Hamish Woodward

Orange Cassidy defended his AEW International Championship against twenty other men at Double or Nothing 2023, adding to his legendary reign with the belt.

In one of the best Battle Royals in AEW history, it was the Freshly Squeezed superstar who walked out victorious.

This was partially thanks to his Best Friends team mates, with Trent Berretta taking a big boot from Big Bill, pushing Cassidy out of the way to save him from elimination.

In a fantastic end to the match, he faced off with Swerve Strickland with his title on the line.

Swerve looked to have the win wrapped up, but when he mockingly placed Cassidy’s hands in his pockets, the crowd knew that the match was not over.

With chants of “You Fucked Up” filling the arena, Orange Cassidy performed an incredible comeback, showing exactly why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world.

He hit an Orange Punch to get Swerve onto the outside, before countering the Swerve Stomp with a swift kick to his head.

Cassidy teased a final punch, before simply kicking the hand of Swerve Strickland, causing him to lose control of his balance and go tumbling to the outside.

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