Adam Page Signed AEW Contract Due To Schedule & Family

Hamish Woodward

why is adam page called hangman

Adam Page signed a new contract with AEW this week, rejecting advances from the WWE and Triple H.

The former AEW Champion inked a new multi-year deal with Tony Khan’s company, alongside the rest of The Elite.

This new contract will likely keep “Hangman” Adam Page in the company until at least 2027, if not even longer.

Page was rumored to be leaving AEW due to a month-long backstage rivalry with CM Punk, but that seems to have subsided, and the pair are happy to work in the same company.

Tony Khan announced the four men had signed new contracts with AEW in Sports Illustrated, where Adam Page revealed why he chose to stay with AEW.

Adam Page signed a new AEW contract because the lighter schedule fits in more with his current lifestyle, as a father to a young child.

The former AEW Champion had his first child in mid-2021, and wants to make the most of his time with his son while he is still a baby.

He also noted that the wear-and-tear on his body is also a factor, with the WWE schedule being much harder on a wrestler’s body.

Hangman also says that he hopes he can stay with AEW for the rest of his career, giving some big reassurance to fans of the cowboy.

“I think it’s very meaningful that, as a day one guy, I stay with AEW,” says Page. “It’s likely that I will one day finish my career here. Hopefully that can help the future generations see that there can be more than one path to success.”

“At this stage of my life the selling point was the schedule,” says Page. “AEW’s schedule allows me to be home with my family for the majority of the week and will ideally help my body hold up better in the long run. And the pay is good.

“AEW emerging as a legitimate wrestling company has helped drive up bargaining power for wrestlers and others who work in the industry. Making a long-term commitment to a still-growing AEW I felt was the best way I could help continue that progress.”

“Hangman” Adam Page signed a new contract with AEW just before travelling to London, for AEW’s historic “All In” show at Wembley Stadium.

He joined Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in signing new deals with the company. The future is bright for AEW, and it is definitely Elite.

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