Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Adam Page Sign New AEW Contracts

Hamish Woodward

Adam Page reunited with The Elite on AEW Dynamite

The Elite have re-signed with AEW, as four of AEW’s top stars pen new deals with the company.

Former AEW Champions Kenny Omega and Kenny Omega, as well as two-time tag champions The Young Bucks have inked new deals with Tony Khan’s promotion.

There had been talk of the four superstars moving to WWE in recent month. After CM Punk’s return to AEW, there was some thought that they’d rather leave than share a locker room with him.

This came after a backstage fight between the two parties left all the men suspended, and stripped of their respective titles.

Tony Khan announced the contract extensions in an interview with Sports Illustrated, prior to the 200th episode of their flagship show, AEW Dynamite.

“The Elite have been so important to the launch of AEW, with the Young Bucks going all in when I first approached them in 2018 about my dream to create an international pro wrestling promotion,” said Tony Khan, who is CEO, GM and Head of Creative of AEW.

“Shortly after that, their partners and closest friends Kenny Omega and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page joined us to formally launch All Elite Wrestling. All four of them have been instrumental to AEW’s success from the very first episode of Dynamite in 2019 through the present day.

“Now, as we celebrate tonight’s 200th episode of Dynamite, I’m excited to share that Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Adam Page will all be staying in AEW for years to come. We look forward to celebrating the great news with fans around the world.”

Omega and The Young Bucks will remain as Executive-Vice Presidents of the company, following the signing of their multi-year deals with AEW.

Their commitment to the company indicated a strong future for the promotion, and gives fans a better chance of seeing Kenny Omega vs CM Punk in the future.

The reason The Elite stayed with AEW was due to the schedule compared to the WWE, Nick Jackson agreed.

They would go from working one day a week in AEW, to up to four in the WWE. With three of the four men having children, it was too much time away from their kids to follow their WrestleMania dreams.

“If we’re going to be honest the schedule was a huge part of it,” says Nick Jackson. “I have a wife and three young children and seeing them as much as possible was a big factor. I’m not going to lie, the money was a huge factor, too.”

“At this point of my life and career, I just couldn’t see myself being on the road half of the year or even more than that. I have so much respect for the guys and girls that are able to do that year after year.”

“We for sure could’ve made memories in WWE, but what’s more important to me is making memories with my family. With the position we’re in, I’ll be able to do that and still make memories in AEW.”

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