AEW Can Sell Out Wembley With CM Punk vs Kenny Omega

AEW could sell out Wembley Stadium next month, if only they would announce CM Punk vs Kenny Omega for All In.

With All In already breaking records in ticket sales, fans are looking ahead to a potential AEW Wembley Stadium sell-out.

This would have been unthinkable just a few months ago. When Tony Khan announced All In was taking place at Wembley Stadium, most people were confused.

Many thought he meant to say Wembley Arena, the much smaller venue that hosts a more modest crowd size.

But, then when tickets went on sale and sold 35,000 in the first day, fans began believing in the mad genius of Tony Khan.

As the weeks went on, ticket sales skyrocketed and fans began to believe that AEW could sell out Wembley Stadium.

According to Tony Khan, over 70,000 tickets have been sold for AEW’s debut in Wembley Stadium, and that’s without a single match being announced.

WrestleTix reckon 76,000 tickets have been distributed, including freebie and comp tickets to help bring the number up.

AEW need just a few thousand more tickets to make All In the biggest paid wrestling event of all time (discounting the North Korea shows in the 1990s), putting a feather in the cap of both AEW and Wembley Stadium.

This incredible feat has occurred without even one match being announced for All In.

AEW has the chance to sell out Wembley Stadium, becoming the only wrestling company to ever do that (in either the old or new Wembley).

For my money, there is one match they could announce which will take the wrestling world by storm and sell out Wembley Stadium:

CM Punk vs Kenny Omega.

CM Punk vs Kenny Omega

One of the biggest dream matches for AEW is CM Punk vs Kenny Omega.

In their prime, both men were among the best wrestlers in the world.

In the ring, a select few can match Omega’s artistry in the ring, with even less matching his incredible work rate.

While no slouch in the ring himself, it is on the microphone where CM Punk makes his money.

Nobody in AEW, outside of MJF and Eddie Kingston, can match his promo ability, and he has shown how valuable he is since his return to AEW Collision.

This match seemed like it would never happen, following the controversial fight backstage between CM Punk and The Elite after All Out 2022.

However, Kenny Omega is reported to have buried the hatchet with Punk, and is said to be open to working with him.

Neither man has a clear match set for All In. Omega will likely be done with the Blackpool Combat Club after Blood and Guts, and a feud with Punk over his comments at All Out would be a fantastic place to go next.

If this match is announced, expect thousands to rush to buy their tickets for Wembley Stadium.

Former fans will want to see Punk back in the ring, once hearing about his clash with one of the best matches ever.

They still need another 20,000 tickets to sell out Wembley Stadium, but CM Punk vs Kenny Omega is the match to do it.

Do you want to see Kenny Omega vs CM Punk? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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