AEW Fight Forever Every Unlockable Character And How To Unlock Them

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AEW Fight Forever has finally been released, and fans are incensed trying to figure out how to unlock everybody.

Like all great wrestling games, AEW Fight Forever features a number of secret characters that can be unlocked to play as.

However, the game doesn’t explain how to unlock these secret characters, so we’re on hand to give you the full guide to the AEW unlockable wrestlers!

While there are currently five secret wrestlers to unlock in AEW Fight Forever, it is expected that more will become available with future updates of the game.

Here is how to unlock every character in AEW Fight Forever.

AEW Fight Forever Unlockable Characters

There are five secret characters to unlock in AEW Fight Forever.

These range from wrestling legends, current WWE stars and even a referee! All of these characters are playable once unlocked, so you can put on some iconic dream matches by simply following our guide!

Here are the five characters, and how to unlock them.

1. Cody Rhodes

WWE star Cody Rhodes is one surprising inclusion as a secret character in AEW Fight Forever.

The American Nightmare left AEW in 2022, re-joining WWE after 6 years away. The EVP of AEW was a shock loss, with many expecting him to stay in AEW for life.

He signed up to be a part of AEW Fight Forever before his exit, so he has been included in the game as an unlockable character.

You don’t need to do anything special to unlock him. Cody Rhodes is available to unlock from the get go, by purchasing him in the in-game store.

Go to the Shop tab on the main menu, then scroll over to the More Items option.

Here, you can unlock Cody Rhodes by paying 20,000 AEW cash, allowing you to play with him in all game modes.

2. Aubrey Edwards

AEW’s top female referee, Aubrey Edwards, is already in the game as one of the selectable referees.

However, she is also unlockable as a playable wrestler!

Unlocking Aubrey Edwards is easy, and follows the same steps as unlocking Cody Rhodes.

Simply head to the Shop tab on the main menu, then scroll over to the More Items option.

Here, you can purchase Aubrey Edwards for 20,000 AEW cash. From them on, she is fully playable in all game modes.

3. Brodie Lee

The late Brodie Lee is a wonderful addition to AEW Fight Forever as a secret unlock.

Since his passing in 2020, Brodie Lee has remained a big part of AEW, with various tributes being paid to him over the years.

THQ have included him in the games’ Road to Elite mode, which is the method you need to use to unlock him in the game.

Brodie Lee is unlocked by encounter him in the Dark Order storyline in the Road to Elite game mode.

After getting to the storyline, you will eventually face Brodie Lee for the TNT Championship. You will need to beat him to unlock Brodie Lee to play in AEW Fight Forever.

Once you beat Brodie Lee, he’ll become available in the Shop tab on the main menu, where you’ll be able to buy him for 30,000 AEW cash.

4. Paul Wight

Former WWE Champion Big Show is included in AEW Fight Forever, under his real name of Paul Wight.

The giant is a huge inclusion in the game, and adds even more star power to an already incredible roster.

Just like Brodie Lee, Paul Wight is unlocked by playing the games’ Road to Elite story mode.

You have to play through Road to Elite and lose every single fight until you reach the fourth block, which should give you the storyline called “Who’s Ribbing Me?”

After losing enough matches, you’ll discover it is Paul Wight who is ribbing you. You will then wrestle him for the chance to unlock Paul Wight in exhibition mode.

You then have to fight and defeat him in a match with an extremely strict 3-minute time limit. If you can manage that, you can then purchase Paul Wight in the shop for 30,000 cash.

5. Owen Hart

Making his first video game appearance since his untimely death in 1999, Owen Hart is one of the most anticipated wrestlers to appear in AEW Fight Forever.

He is probably the most difficult character to unlock, but mainly just because of the time it will take.

It will take some time to unlock Owen Hart, but it should happen naturally as you continue to play and enjoy the game.

You can unlock Owen Hart in AEW Fight Forever by playing 100 Exhibition matches.

It doesn’t matter if you win, lose or draw, or which AEW wrestlers you use. As long as you complete them, they count towards your total.

Once you’ve played 100 exhibition matches, you can by Owen Hart from the Shop tab, where he can be bought for 50,000 cash.

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