Alicia Fox Reveals Truth Behind Leaving WWE & Retirement

Alicia Fox has finally spoken out about her leaving the WWE, refuting rumors that he had retired from wrestling.

Now known as Vix Crow, the former WWE Divas Champion was released from the WWE in May 2023, after years of time spent away from the ring.

It was later revealed that this was due to her suffering with alcoholism, something that plagued her for years in the WWE.

Fox spoke in an interview with “Ring the Belle” about her leaving WWE, revealing what happened behind the scenes.

She revealed how nobody in the WWE contacted her during the pandemic, something which caused her great mental anguish.

“During the pandemic, I found myself at home, unsure of why I was there.” Alicia Fox revealed, “My bags were packed and ready to go. Despite being healthy and in good shape, I had a feeling that my contract would end in April, around the 25th.”

“It felt like a waiting game, similar to the pattern I was accustomed to. I used to receive calls from Lolo when they needed me, but things changed when I broke my tailbone during Rumble. I had to go home because of the injury.”

“After breaking my tailbone, I still made occasional appearances and tried to get sober, but I was struggling emotionally. The situation was overwhelming, especially when I was taken off a program in Toronto.”

“Shortly after, I went to rehab, and a couple of weeks later, the pandemic hit. It was strange because I was relieved not to be in the facility during that time. However, I was anxious, being at home as an alcoholic, craving an explanation.”

“I had been part of the wrestling industry for 17 years, and now, with my sobriety, I was haunted by the uncertainty surrounding my future. There were no answers, and I felt frustrated.”

She then spoke about rumours that she was retired from wrestling. After he merchandise was moved to the legends section, Alicia Fox had to deny rumors that she had retired from wrestling.

“Then, a fan tweeted a picture of a Legend shirt with my head on it from a past match. Seeing that made me question why my head was on that shirt, feeling like they were trying to “legend me up” unfairly.”

“Phone calls started coming in, asking if I was retiring because of the shirt. It was my first merchandise, and the speculation added to my nerves. I was constantly worried about being fired, waiting for the release date to arrive.”

“Until that day, there was no communication, no contact whatsoever. It was shocking and disheartening. I couldn’t even express my thoughts on social media, hoping for a statement of support or some acknowledgment of my situation.”

“It made me feel sad, as if there were constant miscommunication or a complete lack of it. I had dedicated 17 years of my life to this industry, but outside of it, I felt lost and uncertain about my future.”

Alicia Fox was released from the WWE in 2023, 17 years after first signing for the company.

She is has now embarked on a career in independent wrestling, and is now known as Vix Crow (a play on her real name, Victoria Crawford).

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