Alicia Fox Talks Becoming The First Black Divas Champion In WWE

Alicia Fox was the first black woman to win the Divas Championship in the WWE, something that she is immensely proud of.

Fox competed at the only Fatal 4-Way pay per view in 2010, competing against Gail Kim, Maryse and Eve Torres for the Divas Championship.

In a shocking turn of events, Alicia Fox pinned Maryse to win the WWE Divas Championship, winning her first title in WWE and making her the first black woman to hold the championship.

Speaking to Ring the Belle, Alicia Fox talked about the match where she finally won the WWE Divas Championship.

In doing so, she became the first black woman to hold the title. This was inspiration to many wrestlers, including former WWE Superstar Cameron.

“I don’t think in my mind I had any concept of what this um was to the audience or to the locker room. I was so scared, I was so nervous, like, I was at that point so nervous I was gonna mess it up before this match, all the time, all the time.”

“It’s really empowering because I feel like I’m finally a name, so they can call me, you know what I’m saying, right? Yeah, yeah. So I’m happy to celebrate it today. Now I feel like I’m celebrating, and then I didn’t realize I didn’t know what I was gonna do.”

“I mean, so when this happened, a lot of fans were kind of surprised that you won. That’s what I was gonna ask, like, because you weren’t feuding with the champion or anything.”

Alicia Fox was then asked if she knew about the title win in advance, something that she denied being made aware of.

“No, I think I was, like, right now, like, it was like literally, like, what, like, it was almost… I don’t know if the match is on here yet, but when I had another character change, when I went and ripped up the arena and stuff, it was like, I looked, it was like right now.”

She ended by talking about “chasing the high” of that moment, which came as a shock to her, due to her only being made aware of the title win the day of the match.

“I think that’s the one thing, too, about wrestling is you’re always chasing the high, like, because the card is subject to change. Yeah, so you learned that day.”

“I’m trying to remember, I feel like it was maybe a week before, or maybe the day before. I feel like, maybe it was like, fit or aren’t. I mean, if I bump into them going for it, I feel like you’re gonna have to ask them. I’m, like, ‘Do you remember that?'”

Alicia Fox was released by WWE in 2023, but has denied that she is retiring from wrestling.

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