Arnold Schwarzenegger Worked Out With Superstar Billy Graham

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed how he became friends with “Superstar” Billy Graham when he first came to America.

The legendary actor ventured to American in 1968 after aspiring to be a bodybuilder. He quickly won numerous competitions and ventured in acting soon after.

Starring in hits like Predator, Kindergarten Cop and Jingle All The Way, the Austrian became a household name. He became the most popular actor in the world and soon moved into politic, ending up as the governor of California.

However, one of the first friends he made in America was former WWE Champion “Superstar” Billy Graham.

Arnold met Graham in a Gold’s Gym in 1968 and the two soon became firm friends and training partners. He was also the first wrestler he became friends with.

Speaking to Muscle and Fitness, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed;

Looking back, I think about working out with “Superstar” Billy Graham in 1968 when I came to America. That was my first kind of partnership, a training partner, that I had who was a professional wrestler. He wrestled at night and then came to work out during the day at Gold’s Gym.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Became Friends With Many Different Pro-Wrestlers

He then noted that Billy Graham was not the only wrestler he became friends with.

It is well established that Arnold Schwarzenegger became good friends with former WWE Champion Bruno Sammartino. The actor inducted Bruno into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014, before WrestleMania XXX.

However, he became friends with various wrestlers over the years, although he never elected to wrestle in the WWE himself.

Speaking in an interview to Muscle and Fitness, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed how he became friends with a host of other professional wrestlers.

He claims to have made friends with Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura, whether that be at the gym, at the wrestling or in one of his many movies.

Then I became very good friends with Andre the Giant because he wrestled down in Mexico while I was doing the movie Conan the Destroyer. He came to the set a lot of times. We went out for dinner a lot.

Then later on I met Hulk Hogan and followed his wrestling career. I saw all those great wrestlers getting into movies, like Jesse Ventura, who I did Predator and The Running Man with and later Batman & Robin.

There was always a close connection between bodybuilding and wrestling–and also martial arts, for some odd reason. It was always the kind of people who were hanging out together. I think because back then, we were all kind of outcasts. So we just hung out together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was good friends with Andre The Giant and recently revealed a hilarious story about the former WWE Champion. You can click the link below to read all about it.

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