Bret Hart Calls Ultimate Warrior “A Bum”: Preferred Macho Man

Bret Hart never wrestled against Ultimate Warrior in the WWE, but he has a strong opinion about how limited the former WWE Champion was in the ring.

While Hart is revered as one of the best in-ring technicians of all time, the Ultimate Warrior is the complete opposite.

He was known for his electrifying entrance, that saw him sprinting to the ring and violently shaking the ring ropes, feuded by nothing but a mountain of cocaine snorted backstage before the match.

Once inside the ring, his limitations became clear. His matches were short, showed very little selling on Warrior’s part, and were not considered good.

However, the fans loved him, and because of that, Vince McMahon pushed the Ultimate Warrior to beat Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania VI.

However, not all the wrestlers like Warrior, Bret Hart included. For somebody who took great pride in being a top wrestler, he had many criticism toward the ability of Warrior inside the ring.

In his book Bret Hart Hitman, the Canadian Hall of Famer revealed that he would have rather have seen Randy Savage as WWE Champion over The Ultimate Warrior, calling the latter a “bum”.

He also called his performances in the ring “shallow”, stating that he never sold for anybody, and criticised his illogical finishing move.

“I had so much more respect for Randy [Savage] than for The Ultimate Warrior,
who was getting over more every day just because of his look.

His matches, however, consisted of him quivering and shaking as he gripped the ropes with his twenty-inch, tasselled arms. He never really sold anything for any-
body as he tripped around waiting for the gods to energize him.

Eventually he’d explode into running clotheslines and, as a finisher, pick his
opponent up over his head, drop him hard to the mat and then race across the
ring three or four times as if it somehow added to his momentum before he
dove on top of the downed wrestler for the one… two… three.

What Warrior never appreciated was that it took a dressing room full of
people to make up for his shallow performances night after night; workers
such as me, [Ted] DiBiase, [Curt] Hennig and [Rick] Rude, who made bums like Warrior look like gold.

Vince had to be pushing Warrior because he was thinking that Hogan was losing some of his shine…”

Bret Hart never wrestled against The Ultimate Warrior, but did team with him in the WWE in a match against Papa Shango and Kamala.

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